Illinois Herald interviews Illinois Comptroller candidate Claire Bell

By Mark Wachtler

February 21, 2016. Addison, IL. (ONN) While Republicans and Democrats are preparing for their March Primaries here in Illinois, the state’s Libertarians are already on the campaign trail for the November General Election. One of those is Claire Ball, Libertarian Party candidate for Illinois Comptroller. Not only does she appear more qualified than her likely Democrat and GOP opponents, but Ball would bring an anti-corruption, non-partisan approach to Illinois’ near-bankrupt finances.

Claire Ball, Libertarian Party candidate for Illinois Comptroller.

Claire Ball was born in Evanston, Illinois and works as an accountant for one of the nation’s largest cell phone companies. Unlike the rest of her potential November opponents, Ball has a Masters Degree in finance and accounting. The Illinois Herald recently sat down with Claire for an interview about her campaign for Illinois Comptroller. We’d like to thank her for her time and consideration in answering some of our questions and telling Illinois Herald readers a little more about herself.

Illinois Herald: Why are you running for Illinois Comptroller?

Claire Ball: Fiscal responsibility, Integrity, and Transparency(FIT) are the foundation of state financial security, which fosters new jobs and economic growth. Illinois taxpayers deserve a FIT Illinois. As a professional accountant with a Master’s degree in accounting, I am uniquely qualified to bring FIT to Illinois’ finances.

Read the rest of the interview at the Illinois Herald.

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