American Statesmen Blog Talk Radio show currently hosting Constitution Party presidential debate

Currently on Blog Talk Radio, on the American Statesmen show website, a presidential debate is being held between candidates seeking the Constitution Party presidential nomination.As of right now, there are about 25 minutes left of the debate. Three candidates are participating. From Blog Talk Radio and the Constitution Party’s Facebook page:

AMERICAN STATESMAN on Blog Talk Radio is hosting a presidential debate with three of the candidates seeking the Constitution Party nomination. Join the live chat room to post questions and comments tonight at this link- Monday, February 22, 2016, 9:00 PM ET…/constitution-party-live-onli…

Listen via phone – 347-857-4364. .

On the show will be:

J.R. Myers. Native Montanan who now considers Alaska his home, is the state chairman of the Constitution party of Alaska who sought the governorship of that state in the last gubernatorial election. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor, NationaI Certified Counselor and Chemical Dependency Counselor. Learn more at:

Scott Copeland. Ordained minister and Constitution Party member, Scott Copeland puts God first and believes that Judeo-Christian values are the foundation of the US. Learn more at

Patrick Anthony Ockander. Veteran, patriot, lover of the U.S. Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights. Patrick served in the U.S. Army 3rd Brigade, 2nd Infantry division (aka Stryker Brigade) as a medic, in combat, and as a nurse, in the Reserves. Learn more…/…

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