Constitution Party presidential candidate Patrick Anthony Ockander: I, personally believe homosexuality is a mental disorder

Photo of Patrick Anthony Ockander from Facebook

The following was posted on Patrick Anthony Ockander’s official Facebook page on February 17th, 2016. Ockander is a candidate for the Consitution Party’s presidential nomination.

I believe same sex marriage isn’t specifically outlawed by the Constitution. I, personally believe homosexuality is a mental disorder, and the practice of homosexual acts is beyond evil in the sight of God. I understand not wanting the practice in Our Land. However, since the Constitution does not directly prohibit it, I can’t see how We can outlaw it without amending the Constitution. I believe that the Will of The People is what the Constitution is after. Meaning, if the Will of The People is to do good, then We receive God’s endorsement…but if it shifts to evil, than We lose it…I believe that is Why God want’s US to work within the limits of the Constitution….If We had a king, the blame for any evil practice could be placed on him…but because We have a Constitution, the blame for doing evil lays squarely upon Our own shoulders. My desire is for the government to get out of regulating marriage altogether. The simple desire for Separation of Church and State is so that government NOT regulate Religion. Aside from the military, homosexuality should be a moot point, and of no consequence to Our government. For numerous reasons, Our Military must be held to the highest moral standards. Homosexuality can not be tolerated within the ranks. History will show, and Due Process will prove, that “President” Barack Hussein Obama is a Plant, Illegitimate, and Treasonous. Because of this fact (that will be proven through Due Process) We will undo ALL his executive actions, and nullify every law he put his signature on. Homosexuals deserve to live happy lives, they have the right to Pursue their own personal form of Happiness, just like you or me. But, no church, nor individual can be forced to perform a marriage, or bake a cake, make a dress, or perform any service that violates their personal moral conscience. Ultimately, the government needs to get out of regulating marriage altogether. There is NO reason for the government to regulate it (our present form of taxation is illegal, and once corrected, married or not will be a moot point). For the sake of loans, and business deals, the private sector can decide for themselves how they want to deal with intimate partnerships. Homosexuals should have the ability to go to their own “uniter” to unite them in their own form of unity…allowing that doesn’t mean we endorse it. It just means We allow the freedom to be homosexual and for them to form their own types of bonds. Even if it is offensive to you or me. I assert that If We remove the necessity for the government to know about marriage, the entire issue will fix itself. For the record, the photo I’ve attached isn’t meant to offend, it’s just meant to illustrate the point that All Americans have the right to The Pursuit of Happiness…so long as it doesn’t personally harm another person…and homosexual unions don’t personally harm you nor me…it’s just gross, and immoral…and We know it. The rule of law requires US to tolerate it though.

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