Derrick Michael Reid: How LP Wins White House

Derrick Michael Reid

The following is an email sent to IPR writers on February 21st by Derrick Micheal Reid, a candidate for the Libertarian Party’s (LP’s) presidential nomination. (Currently, Reid has 2 votes, or 0%, in an official Libertarian Party website presidential preference poll, with 3,175 votes total, so far).

On Sunday, February 21, 2016 6:52 AM, Derrick Michael Reid wrote:

Libertarian Big Tent Party

The Libertarian Party has the opportunity this year to take the White House and actually deliver increases in liberties and freedom. Most Americans have deep seated desired for increase liberties and freedoms, and this huge voting block can be attracted to the Libertarian Party banner. The Libertarian Party can become a big tent party have many voting segments.

Marijuana Legalizers are those seeking freedom to smoke. Extreme Anarchists want no government, which is not obtainable, for once government is abolished, power will take its place, be it war lords or mob bosses.  Border Sympathizers are those seeking an open border, which is adverse to the presidency serving citizens and the country, not aliens and foreign countries, and the harm done to wage rates, quality of life and neighborhoods. Immigration is great with control entry for time needed in the melting pot, for assimilating those who wish to become American. Passionate Sovereigns are those wanting to have complete control over them own actions. The problem is that people to not live and work in isolation, but rather in close proximity, necessitating rules of conduct. Freedom Lovers are moderate Libertarians seeking increased liberties and freedom from totalitarian socialistic fascist state governments and federal government. Specific Liberators are generally single issue libertarians seeking freedom in a specific area, for examples, Tea Party as tax opposers, Occupiers as banking-gov fascist opposers, Monetarists as fiat currency opposers, Latino as shadow opposers, Marketeers as intervention opposers, Prisoners as incareration opposers, Riflemen as gun confiscation opposers, capitalists as socialist opposers, debtors as debt opposers. The platform further appeals to safety net democrat, fiscal conservative republicans, seniors and students, et al.

In all these groups, the common thread is a desire for increase in liberties and freedom, and thus the largest group are the freedom lovers. When the Libertarian Party focus primarily only on sovereignty, the field of sympathetic voters is very small, and a reason why the Libertarian Party fails at the national level, getting less than 1% of the vote. The Libertarian Party as led over the last 4 years by the last presidential nominee has stagnated appeal, decreasing membership, and no hope of being anything other than a side show, While all those with Liberty Values can pitch their values at the state level, competing with liberal and conservative value, the president must follow the constitution, and many of the sovereignty liberty issues can be solved by states right, largely not being a federal concern.

As a Christian Social-Conservative Freedom-Lover Presidential Candidate, I would appeal to 90% of voters, excluding the far left National Socialists (Sanders) and the far right war mongers (HRC JEB RUBIO), and when nominated, win the White House, having the plans and skills to fix DC. Each State has its own LP platform for state electioneering, and that is what a republic is all about. At the national level, a broad liberty appeal coupled with restoring the Constitution, Republic, Liberty, Freedom, Peace, and Prosperity, is a winner, with ability to debase the DEM or REP pandering nominees for the Victory.

Does the Libertarian Party, after 50 years of going NO WHERE, now stagnated, as a mere curiosity, want to squander yet another opportunity to actually achieve meaningful results of increases in liberties and freedoms, take the White House, and create in perpetuity, a third party providing a necessary Constitutional Liberty choice, against the liberal totalitarian and conservative totalitarian choices?
Mr Johnson is not delusional. He is correct, he has no chance to win the general election. Merely seeking to increase voter turn out, is such a low bar, that he offers the LP no hope, demoralizes the rank and file, with loss after loss, and keeps the LP as a minor political curiosity.
100 man years of intellectual training was applied to the LP growth over the last 4 years. Over the last four years, with an apparent lack of leadership, to make the LP competitive nationally, losing members and interest, the question pondered is why, when nearly ALL Americans seek innately more liberty and freedom. From what I have personally seen with my own eyes, and reading political commentary, and such like, a plausible answer is an ostensible lack of comprehending the systemic problems in view of the US political complex, the intolerance of the BIG Ls, and no real PLAN to attract new members to the party. As the major problems and causes are apparently, if not OBVIOUSLY, not understood by others, how possibly can the LP offer serious SOLUTIONS that would concurrently provide more LIBERTY and FREEDOM, as a winning strategy?
My best guess is that:
1) The sovereign BIG L dominates the LP, is intolerant, if not disrespecting, to small Ls, and engage in close nit association with only like minded persons, thereby inflexibly cementing narrow spectrum perspectives, limiting the reach of the LP, and directly alienating others;
2) The last presidential nominee utterly failed as titular head to lead the LP to recognize that 90% of Americans are potential LP voters, but did not IN ANY MEANINGFUL WAY modify the LP posture to attract more libertarians to the party and appeal generally to all Americans including the small Ls; and
3) There has not been, until now, an LP presidential candidate who can A) fix DC attracting all Americans, B) fix DC in such a way as to increase liberties and freedoms attracting all Americans, C) address the many varied constituencies across the nation explaining exactly why the particular fix fit their main long term political orientations, and D) articulate why the fix must be had to avoid imminent systemic social chaos and economic ruination in a economic death spiral.
Offering Americans a comprehensive, integrated, sweeping SOLUTION SET to major systemic problems, which solutions will increase liberties and freedoms, was collectively personally recognized for its inherent potential synergy that will be a very powerful unstoppable magnet nationally, that will be fully exploited, to VICTORY in November.

With the right leadership, plans, skills, and candidate, the Libertarian Party can win the White House, appealing to all Americans with some liberty and freedom values, and deliver to all Americans increased liberty and freedom from totalitarian socialistic fascist DC.  The candidate must be able to: 1) Win the White House with the right general appeal to liberty values, 2) Fix DC and the national systemic problems, and 3) Deliver to the country increased liberties and freedom.

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