Facebook likes count for Libertarian, Green and Constitution Party presidential candidates

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Image from Jtsapress.org

Here is an update on the amount of Facebook likes for a select number of Libertarian Party, Green Party and Constitution Party presidential candidates. Not all candidates are listed. The amount of likes listed is for each candidate’s official Facebook campaign page. As of 11 PM CST, February 22nd, 2016:

Libertarian Party:

  1. Gary Johnson 359,548 Facebook likes
  2. Austin Petersen 47,988  likes
  3.  Marc Allan Feldman 9,763 likes
  4. Steve Kerbel 3,525 likes
  5. Darryl W. Perry 770 likes
  6. Cecil Ince  336 likes
  7. John McAfee 195 likes

Green Party

  1. 1. Jill Stein 119,829 Facebook likes
  2. Darryl Cherney 1,172 likes
  3. Kent Mesplay 528 likes
  4. Sedinam Kinamo Christin Moyowasifza Curry 436 likes

Constitution Party

  1. Patrick Anthony Ockander 1,908 Facebook likes
  2. J.R. Myers 626 likes
  3. Scott Copeland 496 likes

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