Petersen’s Campaign Next Stop: Biloxi, Mississippi


(The following was a release from Austin Petersen’s campaign.)


This week I have had the pleasure to personally meet dozens of delightful Floridian liberty lovers for my first official campaign stop. Next up: Biloxi, Mississippi.

It has been going great. We have been meeting with lots of great libertarians who will be delegates down here, who will be caucusing for us. We’ve got a lot of AP for LP supporters down here that we’ve converted. The radio interviews that we’ve been doing have been really reaching out.

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In anticipation of my arrival in Biloxi, supporters have brought to my attention a scandal between the Mississippi government and the states’ taxpayers.

A tire factory is being built in Mississippi on the backs of the U.S. taxpayer. I am going to be specifically addressing this when I get to Biloxi, so keep an eye out for this issue that I am going to raise; where a tire factory received tens of thousands of dollars of government money to build a factory, and a lot of people are upset about this.

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant said Continental AG will build a new tire manufacturing plant in the state after legislators passed a $263 million tax incentive package last week to support the factory’s construction.

That is corporatism. That is against free market capitalism. No corporation should be receiving a stimulus. That is a Keynesian fallacy, and that is one of the main things that I’m fighting against.

Watch last night’s full livestream here.

For a full list of our campaign stops, check out our events schedule here.
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