The North Star Interviews Mimi Soltysik


(The following was originally published in The North Star.)

Why run for president now?
Mimi: As a revolutionary organization in the United States, it’s not as if the media is regularly banging down our door for interview requests. That changes a bit during the general election. And, for obvious reasons, there’s an added interest in the socialist/radical perspective this time around. So, why not use that interest and the media coverage we might receive to offer a bottom-up, community-focused, revolutionary perspective? Why not use that interest and coverage to support an effort that seeks to facilitate community/local involvement in movement-oriented work throughout the country? We understand and acknowledge that it might look and sound a bit different from what folks expect, and we think that’s okay.

Has your campaign done any outreach with Bernie supporters? What’s that like?
 Mimi: In the sense that there are Bernie supporters who are our neighbors, co-workers, fellow students, yes. Frequently. And in those environments, the outreach has been pretty positive and there is reason to think that outreach will lead to relationships that extend beyond November. It’s a bit different than working to intervene within the Sanders campaign, to steer it in a particular direction. To us, this is about the dialog and the relationships that might develop throughout and beyond the election.

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