Jill Stein tells Chris Hedges that “power concedes nothing without a demand”

Green Party Watch, February 24th, 2016: 

The second part of Chris Hedges’s interview with Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein for his teleSUR program Days of Revolt is now available online. The segment, Hedges said, focuses on “what the solution is. What the response should be, for those of us who care about reclaiming our democracy and creating an equitable, fair, and just society.”

Stein said, “You have to fire on all cylinders all the time. And that’s the advantage of a political party, is that it has a diverse set of goals and tools to use. And a movement is that even further the political aspect challenges power, as Frederick Douglass says we must do. Power concedes nothing without a demand, and running elections is a way to bring that demand right there to the halls of power. You have to do that. And we need movements, justice movements, built around the critical issues. Whether it’s immigrant rights or students getting out of debt, or Black Lives Matter, living wages, unions, workers, et cetera.”

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