Mark Rutherford announces he is running for Libertarian Party chair

The following video, uploaded to YouTube today, was sent to the IPR email list by IPR contributor Andy Craig. Mark Rutherford was the former vice-chairman of the Libertarian National Committee (LNC), the governing board of the Libertarian Party of the United States. Rutherford is the former vice-chairman of the LNC and the former chairman of the Libertarian Party of Nevada. The leader of the Libertarian Party will be selected at the LP national convention in May in Orlando. (Rutherford’s campaign website can be accessed here).

About Mark Rutherford, from his campaign website:

Being Effective

My resume speaks to the jobs I’ve held and the “official” experience I’ve gained. But I believe that my commitment to the Libertarian Party can best be demonstrated in the roles that I’ve taken in helping train and support candidates and issues. Here are some of the highlights of my involvement.

  • Helped run a record number of candidates(hundreds) for local and state office, as well assolidifying ballot access for Indiana Libertarians during my tenure as Indiana State Chair (2000 to 2007).

  • Helped run two solid Secretary of State campaigns during my tenure as State Chair. These campaigns helped solidify ballot access for Indiana Libertarians.

  • Promoted the Libertarian Tax Plan in Indiana (2001), which brought record publicity and the opportunity for contact with state legislators.

  • Developed regular and extensive training programs for state and county leaders on campaign finance, campaign laws and organizational management.

  • Sent many Libertarians to the annual Campaign & Elections training seminar in Washington, D.C., as chair of Atlas!Liberty PAC.

  • Expanded candidate support across the nation as LNCC chair by sending Executive Director Evan McMahon across the country for training, candidate support and ballot access fights – including California, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, North Carolina, Ohio and other states.

  • Provided financial support to candidates across the U.S. as LNCC chair.

  • Have worked on several local races across the nation, including serving as campaign treasurer for Horning for Mayor (1999) and working with Bees for Council (1999).

  • Am currently in my ninth year as Chairman of the Indiana Public Defender Commission, to which I was appointed as a Libertarian by Republican Governor Mitch Daniels.


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