A Libertarian Future: First Libertarian Party Debate Highlights: 7 Losers, 4 Winners

Photo from the February 27th Libertarian Party presidential debate

From A Libertarian Future, February 28th:

After months of anticipation libertarians finally got to see their Presidential candidates debate. The first half of the first Libertarian Party debate included the eleven candidates who were able to make it to Mississippi. However, the video and audio quality made that segment rather unwatchable. That’s the unfortunate consequence of being an independent media organization without corporate sponsors. Luckily, they were able to fix some of the problems which improved the quality greatly for the second half of the debate. We watched the entire debate to bring you these Libertarian Party Debate Highlights but this article will mainly focus on the second half.

The Libertarian Parties of Mississippi and Alabama did manage to put on a rather good debate in the second hour. It was actually a real debate this time too. Each candidate was asked the same question and given time to compare and contrast their answers. The moderators didn’t try to pit one candidate against another or turn it into a reality show. However, some candidates did get voted off the island and there were still some clear winners and losers.

Read the rest of the article here. 

Note: The above article says that a candidate straw poll was conducted after the top five candidates presented themselves in the second round debate. According to the article, Gary Johnson won the straw poll with 38% of the vote, followed by John McAfee with 26%, Austin Petersen in third place with 17%, Darryl W. Perry in fourth place with 15%, and Marc Allan Feldman came in last place with just 4%.

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