IPR: L. Neil Smith Endorses McAfee for President

From Thomas L. Knapp at IPR, March 1st:

l neil smithIn a Sunday essay published at his Libertarian Enterprise, Libertarian novelist and essayist L. Neil Smithendorses John McAfee for the presidency of the United States:

After months and months of having to listen to RINOs, LINOs, and self-righteous conservative Republican religious cooties, who can’t keep their Invisible Playmate in their pants, John McAfee is a breath of political fresh air. He does not take a single stance I know of on issues that I disagree with, or find unlibertarian.

In addition to his long career as a novelist and polemicist (The Libertarian Enterprise is in its 20th year of weekly publication), Smith was the subject of two “draft” campaigns for the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination (disclosure: The author of this post was self-designated HMFIC of those campaigns) and served as the Libertarian Party ‘s presidential candidate in Arizona in the 2000 election.

After the Libertarian National Committee disaffiliated that state’s party, the LPAZ ran its own nomination contest, nominating Smith for president and libertarian writer Vin Suprynowicz for vice-president instead of adopting the Libertarian National Convention’s slate (Harry Browne and Art Olivier). Smith and Suprynowicz polled nearly 5,775 votes for 0.4% of the  presidential vote in Arizona.

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