Libertarian Party chairman interviewed on interviewed on ABC TV affiliate in Mississippi

Nicholas Sarwark, March 1st:

Libertarian Party Chair Nicholas Sarwark spoke about the party’s agenda, the national convention in Orlando, foreign policy and more with host David Elliot on ABC affiliate WLOX TV News.

Watch the 8+ minute interview here:

About Nicholas Sarwark, from Wikipedia:

Nicholas Sarwark (born c. 1979)[1] is the chairman of the Libertarian National Committee (LNC), the executive body of the Libertarian Party (LP) of the United States. Prior to his election to that position in 2014,[2] he served on several of the LP’s national committees, as well as chair of the Libertarian Party of Maryland, and as vice chair of the Libertarian Party of Colorado.[3]

Sarwark was elected as LNC chair by the delegates of the 2014 Libertarian National Convention in Columbus, Ohio on June 29, 2014.[2]

He was a deputy public defender in the state of Colorado. He is also a businessman with experience in computer consulting and sales.[3]

Sarwark formerly resided in Denver, Colorado with his wife and three children.[3] He moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 2014 with his family.[citation needed]

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