Oklahoma Green Party explains Bernie Sanders endorsement in interview


From The North Star, February 26th (Note, Bernie Sanders won the Democratic presidential primary on March 1st)

Questions posed to Rachel Jackson, State Facilitator, Green Party Oklahoma Cooperative Council about their endorsement of Bernie Sanders

  1. Is the endorsement of Bernie a tactical move?

Our endorsement of Bernie Sanders in the Oklahoma Democratic Primary accomplishes two goals: 1.) to find a way to participate electorally given our state’s repressive ballot access laws, and b.) to build a base to strengthen our efforts to reform those ballot access laws.

  1. Why endorse him now?

The Oklahoma Democratic Party recently decided to allow Independent voters to participate in their primaries. Because we cannot register to vote as Green Party members, many are registered as Independents. We want to encourage them to use their electoral power in the Democratic primary to support the candidate that aligns most with Green Party values. We believe Bernie Sanders represents the best chance for Oklahoma Greens to do that, given the current lack of ballot access.

  1. How will this endorsement help the Green Party of Oklahoma?

We hope it will bring attention to our ballot access situation among progressive and leftist voters in Oklahoma. Because of it’s relative obscurity compared to other social justice issues, ballot access is a difficult issue around which to mobilize. We are hoping that we can sustain the support we gain from Sanders supporters in our state and fold it into our ballot access reform efforts.

Read the rest of the interview here. 

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