Zack Strong: Voting Independent is NOT a Vote for the Democrats

Zack Strong is a member of the Independent American Party. The following was published on his party’s website on February 25th: 

One of the most infuriating and fallacious accusations I constantly hear from Republican pundits and so-called conservatives is that a vote for an independent or third party candidate is essentially a vote for the Democrats. There are several implications in this asinine allegation: first, that my independent vote was wasted; second, not only was my vote wasted, but, in fact, I helped the enemy get into office; third, that I must have been duped into throwing my vote into the wind or that I secretly harbor liberal views; and fourth, that there are no good, honorable, viable independent or third party candidates in the United States. I devote this article to tackling these four absurd assertions and make an appeal for reason and rationality to prevail over knee-jerk partisan emotionalism.

In not one election since I became eligible to vote have I vote Republican or Democrat. I have always voted independent or third party. With the exception of former Congressman Ron Paul, I have yet to find a single national candidate of either Republican or Democratic stripe with true Liberty-minded, constitutionalist values worthy of a freeman’s support. I am a constitutionalist through and through. I believe with all my heart that the Constitution was inspired by God Almighty and that the Founding Fathers were virtuous, enlightened, pious men who were raised up by Deity to do the great work of establishing the first free nation in modern times. However, even if I did not hold this belief, the Constitution requires certain things of us as citizens.

The Constitution requires, first and foremost, that the People’s representatives swear allegiance, by solemn oath, to “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.” Thus, in any election, it is my duty – and yours – to elect only wise men who are wholly devoted to the Constitution, who understand the original meaning and intent of that great charter, and who have the spirit of Liberty burning in their bosom. To vote for a non-constitutionalist is to vote against the Constitution itself.

Unlike most people, I don’t rush to support a candidate. I take my time and watch, pray, and ponder. I contrast what any given candidate is saying to the principles of the Constitution. When a candidate’s proposed policies are not in harmony with the Constitution, I cross him off of my list and move on. It may sound overly idealistic, but I categorically refuse to vote for any man whose views are not in strict harmony with the Constitution, both the letter and the spirit. The reverse of that is that I would support any candidate, be he Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, independent, or what have you, if his views were strictly constitutional and if I felt he was an honest and moral man. It’s just that simple.

Read the rest of the article here. 


One response to “Zack Strong: Voting Independent is NOT a Vote for the Democrats

  1. You are correct about Ron Paul.


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