Illinois candidate: Cancel Donald Trump rally at University of Illinois at Chicago

David Earl Williams III campaign logo

The following is a March 5th press release from the David Earl Williams III campaign. Williams III is running as an independent candidate for Congress in Illinois’ 9th congressional district and has publicly stated his intention to join the Libertarian Party after the election. 

Dear Fellow American & faculty staff at University of Illinois at Chicago,

While my Democratic opponent is obsessing over women’s body parts and taking selfies with the Stanley Cup, and the Republican is out having coffee with her elitist friends on the North shoreI’m here to address a growing concern within our country.

It has been brought to my attention from some of my supporters that businessman, television personality and the GOP Presidential front-runner Donald Trumpwishes to hold a rally at your fine university.

This will be held at the UIC Pavilion at 6 p.m. on Friday, March 11, 2016.

After observing the activities of Mr. Trump’s rallies all over the country, there seems to be a constant theme of hate and dangerous intolerance.

Many of these victims at the rallies were students, Women and Minorities.

UIC just so happens to be the home of acceptances when it comes to a diverse student body.

Let me start off by saying, I’m not against the 1st amendment.

As American’s we have a right to freedom of speech.

This is guaranteed by our creator, and enforced in the U.S Constitution.

For those of us paying attention, we’ve seen Mr. Trump exercise his 1st amendment right – from the calls for mass deportation; Mexican’s are killers and rapists, keeping Muslims out of the U.S., restricting the internet, using the NSA to spy on Americans,Pope Francis “a stupid weakling”, attacking Women and refusing to denounce the KKK.

If UIC is going to allow Donald Trump to speak on their property, then you might as allow the KKK to do the same.

This of course would result in a decrease in the student enrollment, be an insult, and an lack of responsibility to the student body at UIC.

As the PEOPLE – we also have the right according to the first amendment, “to petition the Government for redress of grievances.”

I, along with many, am calling for the Trump rally on March 11, 2016 at 6 p.m. to be cancelled.

There is already a petition that has nearly over 16,000 signatures and growing calling for UIC to cancel this event.

(Click below to sign petition)

Please set the precedent that UIC is an institution of higher education that welcomes diverse individuals to expand their horizons; not a place to promote hatred and ignorance.


David Earl Williams III

One response to “Illinois candidate: Cancel Donald Trump rally at University of Illinois at Chicago

  1. This person is clearly not a libertarian and does not understand the concept of free speech.

    The University of Illinois at Chicago is a public university and therefore any limits on public speech there based entirely on the content of the speaker without a government purpose of the highest order is an unconstitutional infringement on the First Amendment as viewpoint discrimination.

    Furthermore, this person does not have his facts correct:

    “Mexican’s are killers and rapists” – Trump said that some of the people crossing the U.S.-Mexico border into the United States are killers and rapists. This is true. He never narrowed the nationality of the illegal aliens to Mexicans.

    “Pope Francis ‘a stupid weakling'” – Trump never said such a thing. Attributing this to Trump is very dishonest,

    “attacking Women” – When did Trump violently attack a woman? Perhaps this person means verbally criticizing a woman. I don’t see why women should be immune from criticism.

    “and refusing to denounce the KKK.” – This is a flat out lie. In fact, Trump denounced the KKK multiple times.

    Hopefully David Earl Williams III will read this comment, retract his false statements, and withdraw his unlibertarian petition.


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