The most major minor parties and their 2016 plans

From Third Option Politics, by Jess Karins:

Click above for some essential background into on the United States’ three biggest third parties–the Libertarian Party, the Green Party, and the Constitution Party. Below, we’ll discuss what to expect from these three underdogs as the 2016 presidential election kicks into full swing.

The Libertarian Party is fielding a wide selection of candidates, with their website listing twelve. The most obvious choice is Gary Johnson, the former governor of New Mexico who was the party’s nominee in 2012. Johnson is the rare third party candidate who has actually held high office before, albeit as a Republican at the time. Another Libertarian candidate is from Independence, Missouri; Austin Petersen currently runs a consulting firm and previously worked for the influential libertarian advocacy group FreedomWorks. His website is

The Libertarian convention will be held on May 26-30 in Orlando, Florida.

The Green Party has officially recognized two candidates, William Kreml and Jill Stein, although several more have filed Federal Election Commission paperwork to run under their party label. Stein was the party’s 2012 nominee; Kreml is an author and a professor of Political Science at the University of South Carolina. The longer Green list features a St. Louisan candidate, Willita D. Bush, whose website ( identifies her as a professional lecturer and motivational speaker.

The Greens’ convention is in Houston, Texas on August 4-7.

The Constitution Party’s candidates exemplify two of its main types of voters; minister Scott Copeland ( is running on a platform based on traditional religious conservative ideas; J.R. Myers is also strongly religious, but is mostly known for founding Alaska Constitution Party and for his emphasis on states’ rights.

Their convention will be held from April 13-16 in Salt Lake City, Utah.


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