Chairman of Miami-Dade County Libertarian Party endorses Austin Petersen for president

The following is a press release from Pierre-Alexandre Crevaux, chairman of the Miami-Dade County Libertarian Party: 

In 2012, I was more than excited to hear that Gary Johnson was joining the Libertarian Party to fight for liberty in the United States from my favorite third party. I supported Mr. Johnson as a Republican, and followed him to the LibertarianParty, when I was still a teenager.

I was and still am grateful for Governor Johnson, a leader that successfully navigated through the partisan gridlock in New Mexico. His campaign saved the Libertarian Party and established dozens of affiliates throughout the United States.

One of those affiliates was my very own Libertarian Party of Miami-Dade County. Since we saw the last election results come in, I have tirelessly worked in my local affiliate to promote libertarianism in South Florida. As such, I have held positions such as Vice-Chairman, Elections Committee Chairman, Treasurer, and Executive Director. These positions led me to manage dozens of campaigns, including a few successful ones for local Libertarian Party candidates and issues, raise thousands of dollars for my affiliate, and grow my affiliate’s membership by 20%.

All of these have led me to today. After wearing so many hats and spending thousands of hours fighting for Liberty, I have come to the conclusion that the best shot for the Libertarian Party come November is the candidacy of an activist that truly understands the principles of our movement and is willing to lead a grassroots campaign that begins at the bottom.

I do not want to see the same nominee that will make this campaign about himself over the movement. I want to be energized by a nominee that will bring youth, leadership, and will work with as many local leaders as possible before shielding himself in a fortress of confidential and anonymous consultants that will disappear in November 2016.

That is why I am endorsing Austin Petersen for President of the United States.

Austin is a strong libertarian when it comes to dealing with our economic woes, and is truly understanding of the thousands of problems that our world is facing, from the terrible threat of Russian invasion of our Caucasus and Eastern European allies to the necessity behind pro-actively defending our cyberspace against Chinese attacks.

Austin is also the only libertarian that I have seen articulating in favor of expanding the “Wet Foot, Dry Foot” immigration policy to all political and economic refugees from throughout the world. This is a relief in a year that has witnessed a rise in bigotry within our circles.

I am looking forward to working for Austin Petersen as his South Florida Administrative Coordinator starting immediately. This is the best way I have found to help these United States of America in 2016

2 responses to “Chairman of Miami-Dade County Libertarian Party endorses Austin Petersen for president

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  2. Robert Fernandez

    Pierre is NOT the chairperaon of this affiliate. He is the executive director. This article is bogus as the chair and vice chair have stayed neutral. I know as i am the chairman.


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