Florida Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate to speak at National Socialist Movement conference

zdjęcie profilowe użytkownika Augustus Invictus for U.S. Senate

Augustus Invictus

Augustus Invictus is a candidate seeking the Libertarian Party’s nomination for U.S. Senate in Florida in a closely watched election nationally. Yesterday, he announced that he had accepted an invitation to speaking at the National Socialist Movement conference in Rome, Georgia. His full statement, from his Facebook page

I have agreed to speak at the conference of the National Socialist Movement in Rome, Georgia next month. I will explain why.

More times than I can count, I have called for the unity of Libertarians, patriots, and nationalists against a common enemy. It has always been and remains my firm belief that the present System cannot be overthrown until & unless we all unite under one banner. The Federal Government is the enemy of the American people, and Americans from all walks of life must realize who the true enemy actually is.

The reason the Federal Government is the enemy of us all is that it promotes & enforces a globalist consumerism that has been steadily destroying the planet and all cultures across the board. Should the corporate and internationalist interests controlling our Federal Government have their way, the world will be nothing but concrete highways & strip malls, shopping centers & car dealerships.

This is already the case to a great degree. Think of the Arab world two-hundred years ago, the land of the 1,001 Nights, the land of mosques & sultans, harems & scimitars. Today Egyptians wear jeans & t-shirts, Dubai hosts the world’s tallest skyscraper, and American troops are on the holy ground of Saudi Arabia.

Forget that these are exactly the complaints that al Qaeda voiced to justify global jihad. Forget about the fact that we have all but decimated the high culture of an entire region with our globalist, so-called “humanitarian” agenda. Forget the fact that with every generation born into this consumerist captivity we breed more men & women ready to blow themselves up to end it all.

Think rather on what is more comfortable for Americans to think about: Yourselves.

As a Southerner, I am all-too-familiar with the public’s desire to swallow up history & heritage with a vehement hatred known only to those who profess to be humanitarians. But look to any city in the United States, and you will see the same drive for conformity in our culture: McDonald’s & Burger King, Coca-Cola & Pepsi, Wal-Mart & Target, AMC & Regal, Sears & Nieman Marcus, Home Depot & Lowe’s, Marriot & Comfort Inn. This consumerist civilization is an insidious disease – and it progresses ceaselessly across the globe.

I have never hid my disdain for this civilization. It was, in fact, my spiritual renunciation of it that first put me in the public eye and had me investigated by the FBI. I have never pretended to be anything other than the sworn enemy of globalist consumerism, and throughout this campaign I have quoted white nationalists and black nationalists alike in my speeches & interviews to make the point that we all have the same enemy, the same goals, the same desire to live free lives apart from the tyranny of the Federal Government and the shadowy interests controlling it.

We Americans have become so conditioned to believe that the Federal Government is looking out for our best interests that any group professing an identity apart from that machine is considered a terrorist organization. I, for my part, will not cower and tiptoe and denounce nationalist movements that would ally themselves with ours toward a greater end.

I want to make it clear that I am not endorsing the National Socialist Movement. Neither are they endorsing my campaign. This is a cooperative effort, and I hope by this extreme example to demonstrate that groups and persons with different end goals can still work together for the attainment of a common objective, namely the end of the corruption we *all* know to be present in the American political system.

As Fate would have it, when I was sent back across the border from Canada last week – largely for the baseless accusations by leftists that I was a neo-Nazi – the very first message I read when back stateside was the invitation from the National Socialist Movement to speak at their upcoming conference in Rome. My immediate thought was, “Well, if I’m already being kicked out of countries for being a neo-Nazi, I might as well raise a middle finger.”

But of course I took the time to consider it more thoroughly. I also made sure to disclose the fact that I have Hispanic children; that I have openly promoted the use of psychedelic drugs; that I date bisexual women exclusively; any one of which would bar me from membership in the NSM. The man who invited me was genuinely offended that I would even think it necessary to mention these things. He declared his organization’s desire to fight a corrupt political system, not to attack other races. In short, he focused on our commonalities rather than on our differences.

And this is all one can ask for in an ally. The question is why this is so difficult for so many. As I have said in several of my speeches & interviews, I have never been attacked by a white nationalist or black nationalist – physically, verbally, or otherwise – for having an Hispanic family or for tolerating homosexuality or for drug use or for anything else; but I *have* been attacked – physically, verbally, and otherwise – by leftists for exactly those things, and for my refusal to denounce white nationalists as the Devil’s spawn. The willingness of the NSM to have someone like me speak at their event, combined with the willingness of the Antifa to stop me by any means necessary, should be a glaring demonstration of where the true intolerance lies.

So I will speak in Rome. And I will make it the best speech I have ever given. And I will speak to the Nation of Islam if they ever get around to asking. And I will speak to the Cuban nationalists in Miami and the Puerto Rican nationalists in San Juan. We are all in this together, no matter our race or ethnicity, against the special interests that would destroy our respective cultures for their own profit under the guise of humanitarianism.

As for the inevitable question of how a Libertarian can justify speaking to a conference of National Socialists, I answer that my message remains unchanged: End the War on Drugs, implement a non-interventionist foreign policy, slash government spending to solve the financial crisis, dismantle various federal agencies, protect the freedoms guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. It is the platform, not the venue, that makes one a Libertarian.

I would like to think that if Libertarians take the freedom of speech seriously, they will stop attacking and blacklisting controversial speech and start embracing it. I would like to think that if they take the freedom of association seriously, they will stop censuring people for their associations with people who are not Libertarians.

In the alternative, I would like to think that they are at least willing to condemn the Antifa as thoroughly as they have condemned the neo-Nazis – and to threaten expulsion from the Party for connections with the former as they have threatened my expulsion for connections with the latter. In short, I hope Libertarians will stop being hypocrites about the freedoms of speech and association we all profess to hold sacred.

I am sure that this announcement will open a floodgate of questions & condemnations. I have a longstanding policy of refusing to engage in comment thread debates, but I will address the concerns of all in next week’s Fireside Chat.

Hasta la Victoria Siempre,

Augustus Sol Invictus, Esq.

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