Scott Copeland wins Idaho Constitution Party primary

Scott Copeland

From the Idaho Constitution Party website, March 9th:

Well, it was an exciting night.  It was also marred with a curious error coming out of Bingham County.  Our Constitution Party candidate numbers were transposed, apparently, from the first three lines of the Republicans when the final two precincts reported from that county.

This had the effect of throwing over 130 votes to Mr. Myers incorrectly.  And that, of course, could have turned the election.  Upon an email notice to the Secretary of State’s overworked Elections Office late last night, regarding the obvious error,  Betsie Kimbrough, State Elections Director, reviewed the Bingham results.  Ms. Kimbrough deserves our compliments.

The Bingham County Clerk’s office did have the ballot numbers reported correctly on their county website.  However, the data handoff up to the State somehow went awry.  A correction was entered on the Unofficial Primary Night Results.  And we thank Ms. Kimbrough for that due diligence.

This brings up an important note.  The election reports being reported as they come in from the counties, are not yet official numbers.  The report is a service, basically to news wires and interested voters.  We will get Secretary Denney’s final certification on the ballots shortly.  THOSE will be official.

That said, with 18 precincts yet to report, Scott Copeland held 51.7% of the Constitution Party Idaho Primary ballot.  And therefore, he is the clear winner, especially since he holds the majority (versus a plurality).

To Mr. Copeland goes the state delegation’s eight (8) national delegates.  Idaho’s delegation will be bound for Salt Lake City, as the Constitution Party National Convention begins April 15th, 2016 to decide the national nomination.

Mr. J.R. Myers came in second, with 28.9% of the primary ballot.  Mr. Patrick Ockander placed third with 19.4%.  All three candidates will be placed into nomination by the Idaho delegation at National Convention as a matter of courtesy and custom.   This will ensure (assuming the Idaho nominations are properly seconded by another state’s delegation) that these candidates have podium time, as they ought.

Having invested time and treasure, the candidates should be permitted an address to the National Convention. This is generally considered as a matter of comity.  We suggest that it is even a matter of strength of platform.  As the platform is forged from diverse interests, it is wise to consider points of view from those candidates who have also earned significant votes from our fellow registered Constitution Party base–as have Mr. Myers and Mr. Ockander.

Anyhow, congratulations are due to all three candidates in this historical primary, and especially to Mr. Copeland the victor.  It is our hope that our national party will move in the future toward the direction that CP-Idaho has trail-blazed.  In order to grow and for the People to have confidence in the nomination process, that process must be opened to sunshine and water.  That, after all is how a seedling grows.  It is how it is nourished.

Idaho–it’s Copeland!

The results, from the Idaho Secretary of State

Scott Copeland 250 51.7%
CONSTITUTION J.R. Myers 139 28.7%
CONSTITUTION Patrick Anthony Ockander 95 19.6%

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