Austin Petersen leaks “email from Steve Scheetz in his push to remove me from being considered a candidate in Pennsylvania”

Today, Libertarian Party presidential candidate Austin Petersen posted the following picture on his Facebook page, containing a leaked email from Steve Scheetz, the immediate former chairman of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania. The image:

This is not the first time that ranking officials of a state affiliate of the Libertarian Party have shown their disapproval of Petersen’s campaign. As ATPR has reported recently, the Libertarian Party of Colorado refused to invite Petersen to their presidential debate, citing Petersen’s alleged repudiation of the Non-Aggression Principle. Also, some Libertarian Party of Florida state officials have reportedly tried to dis-invite him from the party’s state convention, which will be held in April.

The Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania will be holding its state convention on March 19th in Philadelphia. According to the party’s website:

The agenda will include the election of party officers, the nomination of candidates for public office, and election of delegates to the National Libertarian Party Convention.

More details coming soon, including lunch and evening entertainment, a Presidential candidate forum, and information regarding registration and discounted lodging. Please look to future emails for these announcements.

Petersen also posted a the following regarding the Non-Aggression Principle and his membership in the Libertarian Party to his Facebook page today:

I worked at the Libertarian National Committee from February 2008 to May 2009. After that I became a dues paying member and never joined another party. This card signifies that I have signed the party’s pledge, which is not the Non Aggression Principle. The NAP appears nowhere in the party’s statement of principles. It’s just a statement recognizing that the LP is not a terrorist organization and the founders of the party were extremely terrified of big government. Understandable. Not inspiring, but definitely understandable.

Update: Steve Scheetz responded to his email in a March 8th IPR comment:

OK, Well this is a bit surprising, but whatever…

What happened was this.

PA has 6 candidates confirmed. Gary Johnson, John McAffee, Shawna Sterling, Darryl Perry, Rhett Smith, and Derrick Reid.

There is no conspiracy with me contacting these 6 candidates, because these 6 are the ONLY candidates who confirmed attendance. The invitation was sent to EVERYONE INCLUDING Austin Petersen. He stated, along with Cecil Ince, that he would be attending the convention in his home state of Missouri.

What has been said regarding Austin Petersen has been in response to the various Petersen trolls spamming boards on Facebook. (To be honest, I probably would not have bothered with him at all if there was not this really loud and obnoxious wave of posts about how silly the NAP is, how strange the people who support the NAP are, lying about what the NAP is/means, etc.)

Derrick Reid was asked to produce his party membership and signed NAP pledge along with all candidates who confirmed that they would be attending. I can’t take credit for the idea, but I do like it, particularly with everything that has been going on lately.

I was / am unaware of Derrick Reid’s position regarding the platform and SOP, and like I stated before, the invite went to all candidates, and the requirement will be made of all candidates. (They need to be party members and have signed NAP agreements to be qualified for the nomination, this is NOT asking too much)


Steve Scheetz


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