Chris Johncox: Hey, Libertarians: It’s Austin Petersen or Bust in 2016

Austin Petersen

Austin Petersen

The following article by Chris Johncox was published on March 8th on The Libertarian Republic website, which was founded by Libertarian Party presidential candidate Austin Petersen:

There can be no great changes made to any system, for better or worse, without a general consensus first. People must agree that there is a problem in dire need of solving and that the proposed solution would result in a desirable alternative. One common complaint among Americans is that the two-party system is a massive failure. Most people don’t subscribe to it, most people who do are unhappy with the party establishment, and therefore, the general consensus is that the addition of just one more party would do a world of good to fix a badly damaged political system. It’s arguable that most people would even take a third party that doesn’t entirely represent their views just to offset the perpetual gridlock in Washington D.C. If you want that third-party representation, Austin Petersen of the Libertarian Party is the only hope of getting it.

A common claim from Petersen’s opposition is that his supporters are all LINOs and Statists. Even if that were true, would it not mean he has the most crossover appeal? A president should be relatable to his supporters. Some who support him are disenfranchised Republicans. Some will no doubt be Democrats who will vote for a third party should Hillary Clinton get the nomination. The majority are libertarian and independent, and even some anarcho-capitalists like Tony Stiles have rallied behind him. It is with this broad-base appeal that he can win not only the nomination of the Libertarian Party, but the 15% of the vote needed to participate on the main debate stage.

Unlike the other candidates, Austin is willing and able to build coalitions not just with voters but with party leaders, media personalities and public figures. Austin has contacts at Fox News, The Blaze, and National Review, all outlets whose hosts oppose Donald Trump and reach large Republican audiences. Austin’s pro-life views and capitalistic economic views are attractive to the right, and when presented by Glenn Beck or John Stossel, will sway bastions of support to his campaign.

Austin’s defense of civil liberties and belief in self-ownership will surely attract liberals who are disgusted and annoyed with not only Hillary Clinton, but with the entirety of the regressive left. These people feel civil rights and liberties are no longer core tenants of the Democratic Party and are willing to align themselves with third parties in order to stave off the growth off authoritarianism in American politics.

Read the rest of the article here. 

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