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Bob Haran: The difference between the GOP and the Constitution Party

Bob Haran is the secretary for the Constitution Party of Arizona. The following was published as an IPR comment on March 6th:

There are many significant differences between the Constitution Party and the Republican Party. Continue reading

Baltimore Sun omits Margaret Flowers, other Greens from voter guide


From Green Party Watch, March 10th: 

Maryland Green Party U.S. Senate candidateMargaret Flowers was recently asked byThe Baltimore Sun to complete a candidate survey — yet the Sun failed to post her replies or those from other Green candidates, even those competing in the three-way Baltimore Green Party mayoral primary. When asked why, theSun said publishing the Green responses would require changing its webpage design. Continue reading

Libertarian Party candidate for President John McAfee invites Austin Petersen to drop acid with him

On March 7th, 2016, the Libertarian Party of North Carolina hosted a presidential debate live over YouTube. Austin Petersen, one of the Libertarian Party candidates for president, said afterwards that one of the most memorable moments of the debate was when McAfee said,”I like you, Austin, very much. I would recommend that, since you have very little experience with it, that you spend an afternoon with me dropping 2 hits of acid.”

The full five minute video including  McAfee’s comment is below:

Darcy G. Richardson comments on Gary Johnson’s “pussy” comment

Darcy Richardson.jpg

Darcy G. Richardson

Darcy G. Richardson is an author, historian and political activist. He ran for the 2012 Democratic Party presidential nomination, running against President Obama in five states. He is co-founder of a third party political blog called Uncovered Politics. On March 6th, Richardson responded to an IPR article which reported that Gary Johnson had called Donald Trump a “pussy” three times: Continue reading

Thomas L. Knapp: Gary Johnson 2012 Inc.: Mere Financial Irresponsibility … or Criminal Fraud?

Former Governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson wai...

Gary Johnson waiting to speak at a Campaign for Liberty event at CPAC. (Photo credit: Gage Skidmore via Wikipedia)

Thomas L. Knapp is a frequent IPR comment poster and libertarian activist. The following was posted on his blog on March 10th: 

Disclaimer #1: I am not an accountant, let alone a forensic accountant, nor am I an expert on campaign finance law. Continue reading

Peace and Freedom Party candidate Joe Williams achieves ballot status

Joe Williams

The following press release was submitted to ATPR for publication: 

Press release: Joe Williams for Congress (20th District-CA)

For immediate release: 3/10/16

Peace and Freedom Party candidate Joe Williams achieves ballot status! Continue reading