IPR live blogs Colorado Libertarian Party convention


Yesterday, the Libertarian Party of Colorado held their state convention, which featured a presidential debate. Libertarian Party presidential candidate Darryl W. Perry and others live blogged the convention. Read the comment by comment live blog here.

Caryn Ann Harols, IPR contibutor and social media chair for the Colorado Libertarian Party, posted the following to IPR today:

I am home but so exhausted that it will be a while before I update.

Yes, there are live stream videos going around but the LPCO will be releasing a video later this week. We did not live stream. The live streams up and about appear to be missing that the last bit where Johnson put on a crowd-wowing closing that caused people to hoot and yell and come out of their seats. He knocked that park out of the part with playing to the crowd.

I am not getting into the controversy, which we did not seek, over debate participants. The Board decision was about not inviting, but anyone who came could participate. Everyone who came participated. There is already a thread on that decision, and I have nothing to add from what the LPCO has officially said.

The entire Board that was up for re-election that sought re-election was re-elected (not everyone sought it). I am honoured to say I was one of them, and retained my seat as Communications Director of the LPCO and I look forward to serving for an additional year. Our Vice-Chair ran for and won the Chair seat. My husband ran for and won Vice Chair.

The convention delegates were dedicated and hard working, and we deleted and rewrote our entire platform and are very proud of our work which provides a great foundation for the Party and candidates and is in a format and style that will make it easy for future Platform Committees to tweak and maintain to serve this Party for years to come. Serving as Platform Committee Chair is an accomplishment of which I am particularly proud during the past twelve months. We were able to achieve unanimous consensus on most items and clear supermajorities on everything else. The Committee itself was united except for one plank. LPCO remains, I am very very very proud to say, one of the states with a clear and strong anti-death penalty plank. That position survived the deletion (in a rewrite). The LPCO has been a leader on a that issue.

Unfortunately we did not have time to get to all the Bylaws recommendations but those will be passed on to the next Committee.

We re-opened candidate nominations and have 33 candidates nominated.

We nominated enough people (31 I believe, but I am tired) to fill our entire delegate allocation. Myself and my husband are honoured to be selected as National delegates.

There will be a press release about the Board etc, that I will post here.

All in all very proud of the LPCO and the Colorado delegates.

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