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Libertarian Party of Colorado Elects Officers, Adopts New Platform, and Nominates 33 Candidates for State and Federal Office


The following press release was published today at IPR

For immediate release: March 14, 2016

The Libertarian Party of Colorado (LPCO) met in Colorado Springs for its Convention business sessions (March 12-13, 2016) and elected Officers, adopted a new State Party Platform, and nominated 33 candidates for State and Federal office.

Jay North was elected as Chair and resigned his previous position of Vice-Chair. Wayne Harlos was subsequently elected to the position of Vice-Chair. Michael Spalding was re-elected as Records Director, and Michael Stapleton was re-elected as Legislative Director. Prior appointees Richard Longstreth and Caryn Ann Harlos were elected to fill the positions of Regions Director and Communicates Director respectively. Membership Director Alan Hayman resigned, and Jeff Orrok was elected to that position. John Hjersman was elected as Treasurer. The positions of Outreach Director and Fundraising Director remain vacant. Interested parties may contact the LPCO for consideration for appointment by the Board.

The Convention delegates also accepted the Platform Committee’s recommendation to delete the prior Party Platform and adopt a new Platform. The goal was to provide a principles-based Platform that will be of greater service and flexibility for the Board and candidates to apply to rapidly changing political issues and is expected to serve the Party for years to come. The LPCO thanks the Committee members (Caryn Ann Harlos, Martin Buchanan, Nathan Grabau, Jay North, Wayne Harlos, and Jack Woehr) for their hard work. The new Platform is now online on the Party’s website here: http://lpcolorado.org/about-lpco/lpco-platform/
Final Post-Convention reports of the Platform Committee and the Bylaws and Constitution Committee will be made available once provided to the Board.

Also, the Libertarian Party of Colorado reminded the nation what it means to be the birthplace of the Libertarian Party. With its nomination of 33 candidates for State and Federal office, the Colorado Libertarian Party currently has the second most candidates per capita out of all the state affiliate Libertarian Parties in the nation. The LPCO is ecstatic that it will be giving the Libertarians of this great state so many opportunities to vote for a Libertarian.

For more information about the LPCO visit http://www.lpcolorado.org or contact Caryn Ann Harlos, Communications Director at

William Saturn: Dr. Don Grundmann to Announce Presidential Candidacy

Don Grundmann

Today, William Saturn reported the following at IPR: 

Dr. Don Grundmann, chairman of the Constitution Party of California informs me he will seek the 2016 presidential nomination of the Constitution Party.  Grundmann, a 64 year old chiropractor from San Leandro, California has twice sought the White House and is currently running for U.S. Senate.

I stumbled upon the news after asking Grundmann about the use of the phrase “Upon my election to the Presidency” on his official Senate campaign website.  He explained that his webmaster erred in transferring data from another website and has requested its removal to keep the site exclusive to the Senate campaign.  Nevertheless, he also confirmed his desire to seek the Presidency, adding that he came to the decision in the past few days.

Grundmann joins a growing field of Constitution Party presidential candidates that includes Alaska Constitution Party chairman J.R. Myers, Christian minister Scott Copeland, and 2012 American Independent Party presidential nominee Tom Hoefling.

The party’s nominee will be decided at the National Convention April 13-16 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

So far, eight comments have been left on the article:

  1. Steven WilsonMarch 14, 2016 at 09:56
    A Trump/Grundmann ticket would be a top show. While at the podium Trump could make fun of everyone in America while Grundmann could stand behind him in his devil outfit air-poking everyone with his pitch fork.

    Long Live the Double Dons Double Douche

  2. Mark SeidenbergMarch 14, 2016 at 18:45
    Wow, So Dr. Don Grundmann is in the race for POTUS again. The good news he has his 338 California
    CP electors behind him as of January 5, 2016. Back in 2008, Don Grundmann spent his last day as an
    officer of the American Independent Party on September 2, 2008, viz., last day as a AIP National Committee-
    man. All his other offices within the AIP were taken away from him early in 2008 by Ed Noonan and
    Patrick Colglazier.

    I wonder what his co-chairman Gary Odom is doing in the Grundmann campaign. We should ask William
    Lussenheidt what he will do with his “Political Body” the Independent Party for Don Grundmann, if he
    wins the SOS lawsuit. Remember Lussenheide as a Republican second the resolution of Don Grundmann
    in 2008 at Los Angeles.

    Sincerely, Mark Seidenberg, Chairman, American Independent Party

  3. AntirevolutionaryMarch 14, 2016 at 21:50
    The Constitution Party has a good opportunity this year to get the votes of pro-life conservatives who won’t vote for Donald Trump and won’t vote for Clinton, Sanders or Gary Johnson because they are pro-choice. If McAfee gets the Libertarian Party nomination, he could get some of those votes by ignoring the abortion issue. But the Constitution Party needs to nominate someone who is acceptable to the AIP so they can get ballot status in California, and Grundman is not that person. On the other hand, they shouldn’t nominate Hoefling either just to get that ballot access. I hope either Myers or Copeland can run a good campaign.


Darryl W. Perry: Cuba: The final front in the Cold War


Darryl W. Perry is a candidate for the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination. The following was published on his website, FPP.cc, on March 14th: 

Despite the renewal of diplomatic relations between the governments of the US and Cuba, there remains an embargo on, among other things, books and educational materials. There is now a call to lift those specific aspects of the embargo. Nearly 50 CEOs and top executives from the publishing industry submitted a petition on behalf of the publishing industry urging President Obama to “lift the economic embargo against Cuba as it pertains to books and educational materials.” After submitting the industry petition, a second public petition was posted on the White House website.

Publishers Weekly reports, the “call is consistent with the will of the American people, who, according to 2015 Gallup and Pew polls, overwhelmingly support the elimination of the U.S. trade embargo against Cuba.” The 2015 polls from Gallup and Pew also revealed overwhelming support for re-establishing diplomatic ties, and the Gallup poll found nearly 6 in 10 Americans support ending the restrictions on Americans traveling to Cuba.

Publishers Weekly added, a delegation of approximately 40 American publishing industry representatives traveled to Havana in February to meet with their publishing counterparts in Cuba. The two days of meetings were meant “to build bridges of understanding and explore opportunities for greater cultural and economic collaboration.”

A post on the blog of publishing company Smashwords reads, “Due to the US embargo, it’s extraordinarily expensive and difficult for Cuban publishers to gain access to even the simplest raw materials of bookmaking, such as paper and ink. And for self-published authors, even if they had access to self-publishing services or book printers, the set-up fees of such print services would be prohibitively expensive.” Adding that all 45 publishers in Cuba are “state sponsored and cash-starved – they don’t have access to US markets, or to the services and expertise of the American publishing community.”

It’s not just book publishers and authors who are seeking an end to the embargo against Cuba. In October 2015 the UN General Assembly voted 191-2 to condemn the commercial, economic and financial embargo against Cuba. After the vote The Associated Press reported, “Only Israel joined the United States in opposing the resolution, and when the vote lit up on the screen many diplomats jumped to their feet in a standing ovation.”

Even though UN General Assembly resolutions are nonbinding and unenforceable, the AP adds, the vote “has given Cuba a global stage to demonstrate America’s isolation on the embargo and its Cuba policy.” That vote came nearly a year after the announcement by Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro that the governments of the two nations would be restoring diplomatic ties. So it should not be surprising that President Obama is scheduled to become the first sitting US President to visit Cuba since 1928 when he visits the island nation March 21-22, and is expected to announce plans to ease travel and trade restrictions on Cuba on March 17.

The Smashwords blog adds, “We want President Obama to address the book embargo in his March 17 announcement. With your help, this might be possible.”

While I believe all sanctions and embargoes should be lifted, I also support any action that removes any portion of said sanction or embargo with the ultimate goal of unrestricted trade, travel, and immigration.

Darryl W. Perry: On the Syrian ceasefire


Darryl W. Perry is an anarchist writer and radio-talk show host who is seeking the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination. The following was published on FPP.cc on March 6th: 

Near the end of February, after five years of civil war, a ceasefire quietly took affect in Syria. However the ceasefire is not meant to stop all fighting in the war-torn country, as the truce will not apply to the battle against The Islamic State (commonly called ISIS) and the al-Nusra Front. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reports, “135 [people], including 32 civilians, were killed in 7 days of military operations in the truce areas.”

Despite these deaths within the area covered under the ceasefire, reports indicate that“fighting has slowed in Syria.” With Antiwar.com reporting, “everyone is enjoying the dramatic reduction in violence the ceasefire has provided.
Everyone except the rebels, that is.”

This is because the rebels “resisted international efforts to broker a settlement of the war,” and many rebel factions insisted a ceasefire would not work. Those rebels said they were being betrayed by the US government because the ceasefire would never work, and are now reportedly “blasting the US for ‘betraying’ them by supporting a ceasefire which is working, and is heading toward some settlement short of installing them as the new government.”

Some aid organizations are using the slow-down to deliver food and medical care to people affected by the war. Since the civil war began five years ago more than 270,000 people have been killed and millions have been displaced either internally or externally. Those who are externally displaced are the subjects of the Syrian refugee crisisdrawn the ire of some Republican Presidential candidates.

The United Nations will be using the ceasefire as a precursor for a new round of peace talks. Reuters reports, “UN envoy Staffan de Mistura said the talks, originally due to begin on Monday in Geneva, would get off to a staggered start later in the week, with delegates arriving from Wednesday onwards.” Adding, “the delay was due to ‘logistical and technical reasons and also for the ceasefire to better settle down’.”

If previous peace talks are any indicator of the manner in which this new round will be handled, don’t expect all parties to actually be involved. During a round of peace talks in January, the Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD), the political wing of the People’s Protection Units (YPG), wanted “to take part, and interestingly it’s Russia who [wa]s leading the call for them to take part, despite the perception that the YPG [is] primarily a US ally.” Antiwar.com reports “Though they are one of the largest factions in the Syrian Civil War, and hold almost the entire Hasakeh Province, the PYD/YPG were not invited to the talks, on the demand of Turkey, who insists they are terrorists.”

In addition to some parties refusing to allow certain warring factions to negotiate an end to the war, the parties at the previous talks have refused to even be in the same room. Thus far it is not known if the next round of peace talks will be similar “proximity talks” or not. The fact that fighting has slowed, instead of escalated, should be seen as a sign that the war in Syria may be ending. The questions that remain unanswered are:
What happens when the fighting stops. Specifically, will lines be redrawn on the maps, or will the country simply get a new government?

Video of Libertarian Party of Illinois presidential debate

The following video, taken at the Libertarian Party of Illinois convention in Springfield and uploaded to YouTube on March 11th, is a presidential debate between candidates seeking the Libertarian Party nomination: