Libertarian Party of Colorado Elects Officers, Adopts New Platform, and Nominates 33 Candidates for State and Federal Office


The following press release was published today at IPR

For immediate release: March 14, 2016

The Libertarian Party of Colorado (LPCO) met in Colorado Springs for its Convention business sessions (March 12-13, 2016) and elected Officers, adopted a new State Party Platform, and nominated 33 candidates for State and Federal office.

Jay North was elected as Chair and resigned his previous position of Vice-Chair. Wayne Harlos was subsequently elected to the position of Vice-Chair. Michael Spalding was re-elected as Records Director, and Michael Stapleton was re-elected as Legislative Director. Prior appointees Richard Longstreth and Caryn Ann Harlos were elected to fill the positions of Regions Director and Communicates Director respectively. Membership Director Alan Hayman resigned, and Jeff Orrok was elected to that position. John Hjersman was elected as Treasurer. The positions of Outreach Director and Fundraising Director remain vacant. Interested parties may contact the LPCO for consideration for appointment by the Board.

The Convention delegates also accepted the Platform Committee’s recommendation to delete the prior Party Platform and adopt a new Platform. The goal was to provide a principles-based Platform that will be of greater service and flexibility for the Board and candidates to apply to rapidly changing political issues and is expected to serve the Party for years to come. The LPCO thanks the Committee members (Caryn Ann Harlos, Martin Buchanan, Nathan Grabau, Jay North, Wayne Harlos, and Jack Woehr) for their hard work. The new Platform is now online on the Party’s website here:
Final Post-Convention reports of the Platform Committee and the Bylaws and Constitution Committee will be made available once provided to the Board.

Also, the Libertarian Party of Colorado reminded the nation what it means to be the birthplace of the Libertarian Party. With its nomination of 33 candidates for State and Federal office, the Colorado Libertarian Party currently has the second most candidates per capita out of all the state affiliate Libertarian Parties in the nation. The LPCO is ecstatic that it will be giving the Libertarians of this great state so many opportunities to vote for a Libertarian.

For more information about the LPCO visit or contact Caryn Ann Harlos, Communications Director at

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