William Saturn: Dr. Don Grundmann to Announce Presidential Candidacy

Don Grundmann

Today, William Saturn reported the following at IPR: 

Dr. Don Grundmann, chairman of the Constitution Party of California informs me he will seek the 2016 presidential nomination of the Constitution Party.  Grundmann, a 64 year old chiropractor from San Leandro, California has twice sought the White House and is currently running for U.S. Senate.

I stumbled upon the news after asking Grundmann about the use of the phrase “Upon my election to the Presidency” on his official Senate campaign website.  He explained that his webmaster erred in transferring data from another website and has requested its removal to keep the site exclusive to the Senate campaign.  Nevertheless, he also confirmed his desire to seek the Presidency, adding that he came to the decision in the past few days.

Grundmann joins a growing field of Constitution Party presidential candidates that includes Alaska Constitution Party chairman J.R. Myers, Christian minister Scott Copeland, and 2012 American Independent Party presidential nominee Tom Hoefling.

The party’s nominee will be decided at the National Convention April 13-16 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

So far, eight comments have been left on the article:

  1. Steven WilsonMarch 14, 2016 at 09:56
    A Trump/Grundmann ticket would be a top show. While at the podium Trump could make fun of everyone in America while Grundmann could stand behind him in his devil outfit air-poking everyone with his pitch fork.

    Long Live the Double Dons Double Douche

  2. Mark SeidenbergMarch 14, 2016 at 18:45
    Wow, So Dr. Don Grundmann is in the race for POTUS again. The good news he has his 338 California
    CP electors behind him as of January 5, 2016. Back in 2008, Don Grundmann spent his last day as an
    officer of the American Independent Party on September 2, 2008, viz., last day as a AIP National Committee-
    man. All his other offices within the AIP were taken away from him early in 2008 by Ed Noonan and
    Patrick Colglazier.

    I wonder what his co-chairman Gary Odom is doing in the Grundmann campaign. We should ask William
    Lussenheidt what he will do with his “Political Body” the Independent Party for Don Grundmann, if he
    wins the SOS lawsuit. Remember Lussenheide as a Republican second the resolution of Don Grundmann
    in 2008 at Los Angeles.

    Sincerely, Mark Seidenberg, Chairman, American Independent Party

  3. AntirevolutionaryMarch 14, 2016 at 21:50
    The Constitution Party has a good opportunity this year to get the votes of pro-life conservatives who won’t vote for Donald Trump and won’t vote for Clinton, Sanders or Gary Johnson because they are pro-choice. If McAfee gets the Libertarian Party nomination, he could get some of those votes by ignoring the abortion issue. But the Constitution Party needs to nominate someone who is acceptable to the AIP so they can get ballot status in California, and Grundman is not that person. On the other hand, they shouldn’t nominate Hoefling either just to get that ballot access. I hope either Myers or Copeland can run a good campaign.


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