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David Earl Williams III interviewed on the Brower Report

David Earl Williams III, independent candidate for Congress in Illinois’ 9th district, recently attended the Chicago protest of Donald Trump’s visit, which was ultimately cancelled.

Acting out on my first amendment right – I join thousands of others protesting the reckless presidential campaign of GOP candidate Donald Trump.

If you help elect me to Congress, I’ll deport Donald Trump to China – once again, making America great again!! – David Earl Williams III

Today, David Earl Williams III, independent candidate for Congress in Illinois 9th district (who has publicly announced his intention to join the Libertarian Party after the election), was interviewed on the Brower Report, a Blog Talk Radio show. The interview show lasts for 66 minutes, though note that the interview doesn’t last for the entire duration of the show. Listen to the interview at the link below:


Grist: Meet the presidential candidate who makes Bernie Sanders look conservative


From Green Party Watch, March 14th:

Grist writes about the Green Party presidential candidacy of Jill Stein, saying that she “not only promises to cancel all student debt, she says she would guarantee access to food, water, housing, and utilities; establish a single-payer healthcare system; set a $15-an-hour federal minimum wage; end police brutality, mass incarceration, and institutional racism; protect women’s reproductive rights; end discrimination against LGBTQ people; create a path to citizenship; and replace drug prohibition with harm reduction.” Continue reading

Green Party primary voting issues reported in Ohio


Green Party Watch, March 15th:

Bob Fitrakis, Green Party candidate for Franklin County, Ohio, Prosecutor,reports some problems at the primary polls in the state. Continue reading

Bernie Sanders says he ran as a Democrat for ‘media coverage’

Bernie Sanders (far right)

From Politico, March 14th:

Bernie Sanders on Monday told NBC’s Chuck Todd that he ran as a Democrat to get more media coverage. Continue reading

Audiobook of A Rebel’s Journey by Darryl W. Perry

Darryl W. Perry is an anarchist writer and radio-talk show host seeking the Libertarian Party’s 2016 presidential nomination. In September 2015, he uploaded a free audiobook of A Rebel’s Journey, which chronicles his personal tranformation from a “Christian” conservative to a libertarian anarchist. His audiobook consists of eleven videos, starting with an introduction.

IPR: March 15: Libertarian presidential primaries in North Carolina and Missouri


From Andy Craig at IPR, March 14th: 

With attention focused on the Republican and Democratic primaries in several states that could potentially decide their nominations, two states will be having Libertarian presidential preference primaries on Tuesday, March 15: North Carolina and Missouri. Continue reading