Gary Johnson responds to March 15th primary results

Gary Johnson 2016

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The following is a March 16th, 2016 press release from Gary Johnson, candidate for the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination:

March 15, 2016, Santa Fe, NM — Former New Mexico Governor and 2016 Libertarian candidate for President Gary Johnson released the following statement regarding Tuesday’s primaries:

“2016 could be the year when the two-party hold on American elections falls apart — and it’s about time.

“Exit polls from Tuesday show that fully one-third of Republicans will consider a third-party candidate if Trump and Clinton are the nominees in November. On the Democrat side, it is difficult to imagine voters who are energized for Bernie Sanders taking that enthusiasm to Hillary Clinton.

“Thanks to the realities of ballot access at this late date, there will be only one third-party candidate on the ballot in all 50 states in November. That candidate will be the Libertarian nominee.

“I would submit that the true ‘mainstream’ in American politics today, especially among the critical 80 million millennials who comprise the largest voter segment in U.S. history, adheres to the simple idea that government is too big, costs too much, and has in fact become a corrupt threat to individual freedom.

“Both the Republican and Democratic parties have fumbled around and constructed nomination processes that make it virtually impossible for a candidate reflecting that ‘mainstream’ to emerge. The American people see that, and it’s time for the real majority to stand up and try something different, such as electing a candidate who believes we have too much government and not enough freedom and opportunity.”

One response to “Gary Johnson responds to March 15th primary results

  1. A lot of Republicans are talking about running a “conservative” third party ticket if Trump gets the GOP nomination, but there is little indication of who would be on that ticket or how they would pay for ballot access, etc. While hijacking the Constitution Party line might make sense, the CP will have its nominee set by then. I wonder how many anti-Trump Republicans might be willing to vote for ex-GOP officeholder Johnson?


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