Steve Kerbel ends presidential campaign, endorses Gary Johnson

Steve Kerbel

The following was posted on Steve Kerbel’s Facebook page today. Kerbel, a Colorado businessman, was until today a candidate for the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination, which will be decided in May in Orlando, Florida. From Facebook:

First of all, I want to thank all of my loyal supporters in this campaign. I believe that our efforts have advanced the cause of Liberty, and that was my goal in entering this campaign 1 year ago.

In this time, I have had the opportunity to experience so much.
My libertarian beliefs have solidified and focused, and I am more committed than ever to fostering liberty in the United States of America. I have traveled from coast to coast spreading the cause of liberty. I have made many personal appearances, radio and podcast appearances, television appearances and a multitude of interviews. I have spent much time and it was time well spent.

At this time, however, I have made a difficult decision.

I have several business and family commitments that require my attention in the short run, and as well I have volunteered to chair our county Libertarian party. I am satisfied that we have strong Libertarian voices in this race.

For these reasons, I have decided to suspend my campaign for the Libertarian Party Presidential nomination.

I have met or spoken with the majority of other candidates, and I found that I personally liked each and every one of them. I respect their commitment to Liberty and their personal sacrifices for the good of the nation.

In choosing a candidate to support, it was not an easy decision. So many of my opponents have great knowledge, great charisma and great ideas. For me, it comes down to who will present us in the most dignified and credible Libertarian light, gain more national notoriety and votes and who possesses the relevant experience closest to the task of running the country, with the capability of delivering the Libertarian message clearly, concisely, and respectfully to the American people.

It is these criteria that made my choice clear. Of the remaining Presidential candidates, there is only one person in this race that I can picture behind the desk in the oval office, and that man is Gov. Gary Johnson.

Gov. Johnson is the only candidate running who can unify the liberty movement. His leadership is what is needed at this important point for our party and for the country.
I am pleased to say that I will be assisting Gov. Johnson in the remainder of the primary season and beyond, as I am needed.

The advancement of Liberty in our nation has never wavered as my ultimate goal, and I look forward to working with Governor Johnson to further this most admirable and necessary cause.

I fervently believe that 2016 will represent the turning point in the acknowledgement that the Libertarian Party is indeed the viable third party so desperately needed in the United States of America and I am proud and honored that my work has been able to contribute to the success of the movement.

Once again, I thank you all for allowing me to be a part of this most honorable movement. As a nation, I ask you all to remain mindful of the experience, warnings, and plan of the nation’s founders. It is our best hope to get the nation back on track.

IPR’s Andy Craig also published Gary Johnson’s press release regarding Kerbel withdrawal an endorsement of him:

March 16, 2016, Salt Lake City, UT — Libertarian candidate for President Steve Kerbel has announced that he is withdrawing from the race and endorsing Gov. Gary Johnson for the Libertarian nomination.

Applauding Kerbel’s campaign and his work on behalf of the Liberty movement, Johnson said, “The Libertarian Party’s nomination process should be — and is — a competitive and open one. Steve Kerbel has been a serious, dedicated candidate, and is a valuable advocate for the principles we share. I sincerely appreciate Steve’s support, and look forward to working with him to achieve our mutual goal: A Libertarian campaign for President that will take full advantage of the historic opportunity 2016 presents.”

In announcing his decision, Kerbel said, “I believe that our efforts have advanced the cause of Liberty, and that was my goal in entering this campaign 1 year ago. Kerbel also praised Gov. Gary Johnson as ”  the only candidate running for President who can unify the liberty movement.” He further stated that Johnson’s “leadership is what is needed at this important point for our party and for the country.”



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