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Results of Missouri and North Carolina Libertarian Party presidential primaries

Libertarian Party Primary Results Gary Johnson Wins NC, Austin Petersen Wins MO

Image courtesy of ALibertarianFuture.com

On March 15th, both Missouri and North Carolina held presidential primaries for the Libertarian Party. The contests do not carry any binding in terms of how delegates will be assigned, but served as one of the first real indicators gauging support among the Libertarian Party presidential candidates. In Missouri, the “uncommitted” option came in first with Austin Petersen a distant second, while Gary Johnson (who was not on the ballot in Missouri) won in North Carolina, with “no preference” coming in second. Continue reading

Huffington Post on Gov. Gary Johnson presidential campaign

From the Huffington Post, March 10th: Continue reading

Libertarian Party: 2016 state conventions

zdjęcie profilowe użytkownika Libertarian Party

From the Libertarian’s Party website:

Below is a schedule of Libertarian state conventions in 2016. Click on the state to get more information. Not all states have conventions every year. Many states have not scheduled their conventions yet. Updates will be posted as they become available. Continue reading

Kevin McCormick Announces 2016 Run for Libertarian Presidential Nomination

Kevin McCormick

From PRWeb.com:


Kevin McCormick (L-AZ), today announced his run for the 2016 Libertarian presidential nomination through his Facebook account on his campaign website (http://www.KevinMcCormick2016.com). Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: Joshua Fauver: Robby Wells, Faux of the Liberty Movement?

Originally published on IPR on July 16th, 2013:

The following article was originally published on the Independent American & Constitutional Review on July 15, 2013. Its author, Joshua Fauver, is the former Southeast Regional Coordinator for the Robby Wells presidential campaign. 

Robby Wells

Those of you who have been following Robby Wells’ presidential campaign have undoubtedly been doing so since 2011 when he first announced he would be running for president as an Independent presidential candidate in 2012. Since that moment those who have followed Robby’s campaign have been on one wild ride. Since he announced he was running as an Independent in 2011, he has switched parties several times. He went from running as an Independent to seeking the Reform Party nomination, then he jumped ship to the Constitution Party and lost it’s nomination, then continued his run as an Independent, he was then approached by a mysterious entity known as the Conservative Republican Union (we will get to them later) who convinced him to seek the GOP nomination last second, and he then continued as an Independent before announcing he would be running as an Independent in 2016 at the Music City Liberty Fest in Nashville, Tennessee.  Continue reading

Wikinews interviews three figures from Donald Trump’s political past

William Saturn, an ATPR contibutor, alerted me to the following article by Wikinews, which interviews three individuals, two of whom have third party connections: Roger Stone, in particular was an adviser to Libertarian Party 2012 presidential nominee Gary Johnson and Russ Verney was the campaign manager for 2008 Libertarian presidential nominee Bob Barr. The full March 13th article is below: Continue reading