Huffington Post on Gov. Gary Johnson presidential campaign

From the Huffington Post, March 10th:

Does Donald Trump even lift, bro?

That was the implied question behind Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson’s address to the Conservative Political Action Conference last week, as the former two-term New Mexico governor rattled off his various athletic accomplishments — a lousy strategy if you’re crafting a Tinder profile, but it certainly made for an attention-grabbing stump speech.

“I’m a competitive athlete,” Johnson, who served as the Libertarian Party’s standard bearer in 2012, boasted to several thousand convention attendees. “I’ve done hundreds of athletic competitions … I’m planning to ride the divide, which is a 3.000-mile unsupported mountain bike race. … I’ve done Ironman Hawaii four times.”

Sure, Johnson was technically appearing at a forum on the future of conservatism, and sure, Johnson’s Antarctic expeditions and hot air balloon hobby didn’t exactly have a lot to do with that. But Johnson wasn’t there to gab about the 10th Amendment. Johnson was there to let you know that bro skis, that bro mountain bikes, that bro climbed Mount Everest on a broken leg and that bro, in bro’s own words, is a “fierce competitor.”

Bro wanted you to feel his bicep — no, really feel it.

“Why is anyone going to want to talk to me if I’m going to be a dolt?” Johnson answered later, albeit coyly, in an interview with The Huffington Post. “I do believe I’ve led a really interesting life.”

Read the rest of the article here. 

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