Mark Wachtler: Hoefling seeks Constitution Nomination to unite Conservatives

The following article by Mark Wachtler was published on Opposition News:

March 16, 2016. Lohrville, IA. (ONN) 2012 Presidential candidate Tom Hoefling has announced that he is actively seeking the 2016 Presidential nomination of no less than four conservative political parties. The largest of them is the Constitution Party, the fifth largest political party in America. The Constitution Party already has three official candidates. Can Hoefling reach enough state chapters and will Constitution Party leaders be receptive to a nominee that isn’t a member of their Party?

Tom Hoefling is seeking the Presidential nomination of 4 conservative political parties.

In 2012, Tom Hoefling won the nominations of the American Independent Party and his own America’s Party in his bid for US President. He surprised many by receiving 40,609 votes. That was enough for an eighth-place finish just behind former Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson. This time around, Hoefling hopes to be the Presidential nominee of America’s Party, the American Independent Party, the American Party, and most importantly, the Constitution Party.

Constitution Party nomination

The Constitution Party is holding its 2016 nominating convention from April 13-17. Tom Hoefling hopes to reach enough voting delegates in time to secure the Party’s nomination. State affiliates are currently holding their own statewide nominating conventions where they are naming local candidates and selecting delegates to the national convention where they will select a Presidential nominee.

The Constitution Party has three additional recognized Presidential candidates. They include JR Myers, Scott Copeland, and Patrick Ockander. For additional information, read the Opposition News article, ‘Meet the Constitution Party 2016 Presidential Candidates’.

Tom Hoefling 2016

A statement from the Hoefling campaign read, ‘As the 2016 Republican presidential nominating process moves toward a close, with the nomination of Donald Trump seeming more and more likely, American conservatives are being left unrepresented. Tom Hoefling, who, along with other Reagan conservatives founded America’s Party in 2008, thinks he knows how to provide a viable conservative alternative. Hoefling, who received the presidential nominations of America’s Party and the American Independent Party in 2012, is now trying to pull together an even larger coalition of all of the country’s biggest conservative political parties.’

When asked about his bid for the Constitution Party 2016 Presidential nomination, Tom Hoefling explained, “I’m now seeking the nomination of the Constitution Party at their April national convention. I think I can win their support on the merits, in terms of constitutional principle, vision, and consistency over the last two and half decades. But I also bring some real, immediate, practical value to the race. Not only can I muster a relatively large number of serious principled activists to their cause from every part of the country, I have a good shot at obtaining the American Independent Party of California general election ballot line, just as I did in 2012 – which would, of course, greatly strengthen the CP challenge to the corrupt political status quo come November.”

Hoefling assures Constitution Party leaders that his smaller America’s Party is no threat to their larger Party saying, “The leaders of America’s Party are willing to subsume our own interests in terms of party building and put the Constitution Party, which has more state ballot lines in hand than anyone else, completely at the head. Of course, opinions and decisions of AIP leaders are their own, although I believe them to be very open to the possibilities that would be created by a principled coalition for 2016.”

Hoefling’s first test will come in April with the Constitution Party nominating convention. Next up for grabs is the American Party nomination in May. America’s Party and the American Independent Party will choose their Presidential nominees in July.

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2 responses to “Mark Wachtler: Hoefling seeks Constitution Nomination to unite Conservatives

  1. What kind of ballot access do the American and America’s Parties have?


  2. P.S. I received a call from California this past Saturday. I was told that I will be placed in POTUS nomination by the AIP ExCom in July, following the June Primary. I was also assured that Mr. Hoefling will NOT be the CA AIP 2016 nominee. I’m also looking forward to Salt Lake City and the CP Convention in less than 30 days.


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