Results of Missouri and North Carolina Libertarian Party presidential primaries

Libertarian Party Primary Results Gary Johnson Wins NC, Austin Petersen Wins MO

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On March 15th, both Missouri and North Carolina held presidential primaries for the Libertarian Party. The contests do not carry any binding in terms of how delegates will be assigned, but served as one of the first real indicators gauging support among the Libertarian Party presidential candidates. In Missouri, the “uncommitted” option came in first with Austin Petersen a distant second, while Gary Johnson (who was not on the ballot in Missouri) won in North Carolina, with “no preference” coming in second.

The Missouri results are from the Missouri Secretary of State, while the North Carolina results are from the North Carolina State Board of Elections. (North Carolina has a county map that includes a breakdown of the vote by county, accessible here).

Missouri results:

Austin Petersen Libertarian 851 29.365%
Steven Elliott (Steve) Kerbel Libertarian 401 13.837%
Rhett Rosenquest Smith Libertarian 99 3.416%
Cecil Ince Libertarian 134 4.624%
Marc Allan Feldman Libertarian 241 8.316%
Uncommitted Libertarian 1,172 40.442%

North Carolina results:

Gary Johnson LIB 2,390 41.62%
No Preference LIB 2,037 35.47%
John David Hale LIB 326 5.68%
Barbara Joy Waymire LIB 266 4.63%
Austin Petersen LIB 185 3.22%
Darryl W. Perry LIB 117 2.04%
Steven Elliott (Steve) Kerbel LIB 104 1.81%
Cecil Ince LIB 72 1.25%
Derrick Michael Reid LIB 71 1.24%
Jack B. Robinson, Jr. LIB 69 1.20%
Marc Allan Feldman LIB 64 1.11%
Rhett Rosenquest Smith LIB 42 0.73%

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