Daily Archives: March 20, 2016

Constitution Party of Maryland features list of CP presidential candidates

A link to the following list of presidential candidates seeking the Constitution Party nomination was posted on the Constitution Party’s Facebook page today:  Continue reading

Green Party candidates running against Republican incumbents for New York State Assembly

From the Green Party’s website, March 15th, 2016:


GLENS FALLS — Life just got more complex for two members of the New York North Country’s state legislature. Continue reading

Green Robin Barkenhagen announces State Assembly campaign


From the Green Party’s website, March 17th, 2016:

A fresh perspective is needed in Albany to bring about ethics reform, said Green Party State Assembly candidateRobin Barkenhagen. Continue reading

Green Party: Compare the Green Mayoral Candidates in Baltimore

From the Green Party’s website, March 17th, 2016:


The Baltimore Green Party Primary is coming up May 1st and now is crucial time to learn about your candidates. Continue reading

Green Presidential Candidate to be on 2016 Georgia Ballot


The following is a March 17th, 2016 press release from the Green Party:

Federal Court strikes Georgia Ballot Access Barriers as Unconstitutional. In an 80 page opinion issued St. Patrick’s Day, Federal District Court Judge Story ruled that Secretary Kemp ‘is PERMANENTLY ENJOINED from enforcing the one percent signature requirement in O.C.G.A. § 21-2-170 against presidential candidates.’

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