Green Party presidential candidates: Cherney says he was “threatened physically by a Trump supporter”, Mesplay releases campaign video, Stein demands to be included in tonight’s CNN forum

Three new articles released published today at Green Party Watch feature Green Party presidential candidates Darryl Cherney, Kent Mesplay and Jill Stein:


Darryl Cherney

Cherney says he was “threatened physically by a Trump supporter”

Green Party presidential candidate Darryl Cherney said via Facebook that he was “threatened physically by a [Donald] Trump supporter” on Friday evening at a restaurant in Garberville, California.

Cherney, who was with his four-year-old daughter, wrote, He had no idea who I was or who was going to vote for. … He didn’t want us to sit near him, because he didn’t like the way we looked. Abby had put a rainbow sticker on my face! He told us to sit somewhere else. He started griping about Californians. … He was large, drunk, menacing, and on a hair trigger to punch. Then he said the magic words: Go Trump!”

Cherney continued, “He and his female companion were actually done with dinner but he couldn’t tolerate us being near him for even a moment. I started to feel the future. I was feeling the pangs of bigotry that others receive all the time for the way they appear. … Perhaps those are the right words after all: Go Trump.”

Mesplay releases campaign video

Green Party presidential candidate Kent Mesplay has released a new campaign video online. It runs six minutes.

Stein demands to be included in tonight’s CNN forum


On Monday evening, CNN will host a three-hour event featuring what it called the “final five presidential candidates,” meaning the two major Democratic candidates and the three major Republican candidates.

Jill Stein, the frontrunner for the Green Party presidential nomination, is calling on CNN to include her, saying that “CNN has their facts wrong: there are more than five” presidential candidates, and adding, “Especially now that 50% of Americans identify as neither Democrat nor Republican, we can’t allow the media to lock out independent voices.” As of Monday morning, Stein’s online petition had nearly 700 signatures and there were more than 400 tweets with the hashtag #LetJillDebate.

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