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IPR: Libertarian Party Radical Caucus: Formally Organized


From Caryn Ann Harlos at IPR, March 23rd, 2016:

The Libertarian Party Radical Caucus in its current iteration has been in existence since 2006. Earlier this month, they formally organized for activities during the 2016 Libertarian Party Convention as the Libertarian Wing of the Libertarian Party. Continue reading

Jill Stein tops 80% in Arizona Green Party presidential primary


Green Party Watch, March 23rd:

With 85% of precincts reporting, Jill Stein has easily won the Arizona Green Party presidential primary, receiving 567 votes, or 82% of the total, to Kent Mesplay’s 125 (18%). Stein and Mesplay were the only candidates on the Green primary ballot. Continue reading

Green Party candidate: Belgium attacks “blowback in its purest form”

p matt funiciello farmers market

Green Party Watch:

Matt Funiciello, the Green Party candidate for U.S. House in New York’s 21st District, told The Plattsburgh Press-Republican that the bombings in Belgium this week show that the U.S. “needs to rethink its foreign policy.” Continue reading

Jill Stein issues statement on Brussels terror attack

Jill Stein

Jill Stein

Green Party presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein posted the following on her campaign website  yesterday (thanks to IPR for the link): Continue reading

Maryland U.S. Senate candidate Margaret Flowers calls for action on World Water Day


Margaret Flowers

Maryland Green Party U.S. Senate candidate Margaret Flowers posted the following statement to her campaign website on March 22nd (thanks to Green Party Watch for the link): Continue reading

Green candidate Johsua Harris easily wins Baltimore mayoral youth straw poll


Joshua Harris

Green Party Watch, March 22nd, 2016:

At the first-ever Baltimore City College Mayoral Straw Poll and Youth Summit on Monday, Joshua Harris, one of three Green Party candidates for Baltimore mayor, easily topped a field of 17 candidates.

More than 250 students, educators, and community members attended the event which featured opportunities for each candidate to engage directly with the audience for over an hour, followed by a 90-second statement from each. (Harris’s statement can be heard here.)

Harris won 28.0% of the straw poll vote, followed by Democratic City Councilman Nick Mosby at 19.6%, Democratic State Prosecutor Elizabeth Embry 14.5%, and Democratic state Sen. Catherine Pugh 11.2%. Green candidates David Marriott and Emanuel McCray did not take part in the event.

Harris said, “This is the purest form of grassroots ‎democracy. This generation does not entertain respectability politics. The youth are educated and aware and they will call you out if they feel you are being dishonest. I believe they recognize that the city needs leadership that is honest, straightforward, and committed to people first, and that’s me.”