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Austin Petersen and Gary Johnson face off in Oregon debate

Austin Petersen and Gary Johnson, two candidates for the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination, debated today in Hillsboro, Oregon. The debate was hosted by a group calling itself the “Libertarian Party of Oregon,” which is not the officially recognized Libertarian state party. The Libertarian Party of Oregon has been fraught with internal conflict for over a decade, and there are two groups currently fighting each other to be recognized as the legitimate state affiliate of the national Libertarian Party. For those readers wishing to find some background on the situation, a simple search for “Oregon” in the Independent Political Report’s search box will yield dozens of articles on the subject. Continue reading

Gp.org: Green Party of Brooklyn stands for peace

From the Green Party’s website, GP.org, March 23rd, 2016:


The Green Party of Brooklyn joined anti-war and veteran’s groups this past Saturday, March 19 for a silent vigil on the 13th anniversary of the war against Iraq. Join us this spring as we ramp up actions and organizing in preparation for electoral campaign fever! Continue reading

Charles Peralo interviews Libertarian presidential candidates Gary Johnson, Darryl W. Perry, Derrick Michael Reid and Marc Allan Feldman

Thanks to IPR‘s Jed Ziggler for the links to the following videos, which feature Charles Peralo interviewing Libertarian Party presidential candidates Gary Johnson, Darryl W. Perry, Derrick Michael Reid, and Marc Allan Feldman:

(Note: in an earlier version of this article, we ommitted the interview with Marc Allan Feldman, the fourth candidate at the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania debate. We apologize for this error -KL)

Continue reading

Jill Pyeatt: Update on Speakers at the Libertarian Party of California’s Convention April 1 to 3

From Jill Pyeatt at IPR, March 24th, 2016:

LAX Hilton

The weekend of April 1-3 in L.A. is not to be missed!

We have put together a truly spectacular lineup of speakers for the upcoming LPC state convention, unlike LPC conventions in recent years, which focused on delegate business.  It’s got something for everyone:  not just for delegates, but for everyone who wants to be around interesting, thought-provoking luminaries – it’s even for ‘newbies’ to the liberty movement. Continue reading

Caryn Ann Harlos: Libertarian Party National Committee: Executive Committee Meeting on Ballot Access for Pennsylvania


From Caryn Ann Harlos at IPR, March 23rd, 2016:

On March 23, 2016, there was a Libertarian Party National Committee meeting to discuss the issue of encumbering funds for Pennsylvania ballot access.

The Chair of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania Shawn House was present for this meeting. Continue reading

Minnesota Libertarians: Just Say No to Jesse Ventura

Thanks to IPR’s Thomas L. Knapp for the link to the following press release from the Libertarian Party of  Minnesota:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – March 24th, 2016
Contact: LPMN Executive Director Kevin Bradley
Cell: 612-440-1776
Due to conflict and contrast to core principles of the Libertarian Party of Minnesota, including but not limited to his proven legacy of government growth having measurable negative economic impacts that last to this day, the LPMN Executive Committee hereby declares that former (Reform Party/Independence Party) Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura, shall not receive support from this body at any point in his potential bid to become the 2016 Presidential nominee of the Libertarian National Committee. Continue reading