Austin Petersen and Gary Johnson face off in Oregon debate

Austin Petersen and Gary Johnson, two candidates for the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination, debated today in Hillsboro, Oregon. The debate was hosted by a group calling itself the “Libertarian Party of Oregon,” which is not the officially recognized Libertarian state party. The Libertarian Party of Oregon has been fraught with internal conflict for over a decade, and there are two groups currently fighting each other to be recognized as the legitimate state affiliate of the national Libertarian Party. For those readers wishing to find some background on the situation, a simple search for “Oregon” in the Independent Political Report’s search box will yield dozens of articles on the subject.


SUMMARY.  At 9 a.m. on Saturday, March 26th, the Libertarian Party of Oregon (LPO) will hold it’sAnnual Business Convention at the Embassy Suites Hotel located at 20001 NW Tanasbourne Drive, in Hillsboro.  Among other things, amendments to the LPO platform will be considered along with elections to the LPO Judicial Committee, resolutions and endorsements, and the selection of county representatives.

ELIGIBILITY TO VOTE AT CONVENTION.  All “regular” dues-paying members whose dues are current as of the convention’s Call to Order are eligible to participate in the convention as a voting delegate provided they are in the LPO’s database as a current member, expired member, or potential member on or before February 25th.  “Honorary Lifetime” members are also eligible to participate.

CANDIDATE DEBATE FOR U.S. PRESIDENT.  At 7 p.m. on March 25th, the night before the convention,the LPO will host a debate for U.S. President.  As of this writing, Austin Petersen and former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson have confirmed their participation.

Admission to the Friday night debate is $25, but FREE for “Honorary Lifetime” members and “regular” dues-paying members whose dues are current as of the beginning of the debate.

LIBERTARIAN LEADERSHIP SEMINAR.  From 10AM to 5PM on March 27, the day following the convention, former LP of Washington chair Michael C. Pickens will conduct an activist and candidate training designed specifically for Libertarians.  Cost is $79.99.  Tickets can be purchased by clickingHERE!  The training will be at the convention hotel.

PRE-PAY YOUR ADMISSION TO THE DEBATE:  If you wish only to attend the debate and are not an “Honorary Lifetime” or “Regular” dues paying member of the LPO, the cost is $25.  To pre-pay your admission to the debate, click on the BUY NOW button shown here:

View the video of the debate here. (Part 2 here).

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