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Throwback Saturday: George Phillies polls 12% in three-way presidential race

George Phillies

On Thursday, March 24th, 2016, ATPR did not feature any of the “Throwback Thursday” stories we normally do each Thursday, so instead we are doing one today. Recently, Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson polled at 11% in a three-way race versus Clinton and Trump. Today’s “Throwback Saturday” story features a 2007 press release from the George Phillies campaign. Phillies, a college professor and longtime Massachusetts Libertarian activist, sought the 2008 LP presidential nomination. Phillies received 7.9% of the convention vote in Denver on the first ballot, 5.7% of the vote on the second ballot, and 4.9% of the vote on the third ballot, before being eliminated from contention.

The following press release from the George Phillies campaign was issued on December 4th, 2007:

George Phillies for President 2008
December 4, 2007

Poll of Likely Voters: 12% Would Support Phillies in 3-way Race

“We paid Pulse Opinion for a scientifically valid random poll of 1000 randomly-selected respondents because to our knowledge, no such poll had ever been commissioned by a Libertarian campaign. We asked about a two-way Clinton-Giuliani race, and a three-way Clinton-Giuliani-Other race,” said Phillies 2008 Press Director Carolyn Marbry. “The results of this poll were so staggering that one prominent Libertarian refused to believe they could be true.”

The telephone survey of 1000 likely voters was conducted by Pulse Opinion Research on November 8 and 11. Pulse Opinion Research, LLC, is an independent public opinion research firm using automated polling methodology and procedures licensed from Rasmussen Reports, LLC.

In a two-way race, Clinton was in the lead at 48%, with Giuliani at 39%, “some other candidate” at 9%, and 4% not sure. In a three-way race, Clinton was at 41%, Giuliani was at 34%, with “some other candidate” at 7% and “not sure” at 6%. Libertarian front-runner George Phillies received an amazing 12% of the vote.

“It’s totally unprecedented for a real Libertarian Party candidate to poll in double digits in a legitimate poll,” said Ms. Marbry. “We did everything we could to balance the questions, to make them match real election conditions.”

George Phillies was enthusiastic about the results. “This poll shows the enormous power of my Libertarian solutions in bringing voters to our banner,” he said. “Nothing like this has been seen before in the history of our party.”

Phillies emphasized the critical importance of Libertarians giving their Presidential candidate a well-funded campaign. “If there’s no name recognition, no issue recognition, no reason to trust the candidate,” he said, “we won’t get the votes. We have an enormous opportunity next year, if only Libertarians will rally to the only party that can carry the banner of freedom: The Libertarian Party.”

The Phillies 2008 polling questions were:

“In thinking about the next Presidential election, suppose you had a choice between Republican Rudy Giuliani, who promises to cut taxes and win the war on terror and Democrat Hillary Clinton, who promises to dtrengthen the middle class and provide universal health care. If the election were held today would you vote for Republican Rudy Giuliani or Democrat Hillary Clinton?”


“Okay…suppose you had a choice between Republican Rudy Giuliani, Democrat Hillary Clinton and Libertarian George Phillies, who promises to end the War in Iraq, secure the borders and restore civil rights. If the election were held today would you vote for Republican Rudy Giuliani, Democrat Hillary Clinton or Libertarian George Phillies?”


To support the George Phillies campaign, please visit http://phillies2008.org/donation today.


Jill Stein profiled by NBC News website

Green Party Watch, March 26th, 2016:

steinThe NBC News website profiles Jill Stein, “the Green Party candidate for president,” who “has proposed a ‘Green New Deal’ that would create 20 million living wage jobs, wants to drive big money out of politics, and wants the U.S. to immediately stop sending weapons to the Middle East.”

NBC’s Corky Siemaszko writes that Stein is “also feeling the Bern — so much so that Stein has offered ‘to establish a collaboration’ with Bernie Sanders as he fights Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Party nomination.”

Stein told NBC, “Many of my supporters are also his supporters. I’m asked all the time if there could be a Bernie Sanders collaboration and my answer to that has always been yes. The Green Party has long sought to establish a collaboration with Bernie Sanders. … [However], we’re different. He is working inside the Democratic Party. I threw in the towel a long time ago.”

Asked if, “like Sanders, she identifies as a democratic socialist, Stein said she generally avoids ‘isms.’”

She said, “I am someone who supports things that work rather than ideology. That said, if the question is do I support people over profits, then my answer is yes. If the question is do I support economic democracy, the answer is of course.”

NBC News: Will Republicans Find Solace in The Libertarian Party?

ImageFrom NBC News on March 24:

“As the Republican Party grapples with a potential Donald Trump nomination, third parties – especially those with established infrastructures and widespread ballot access – could become an avenue for alternatives.

“The split in the Republican Party over Trump’s candidacy has opened up a wide range of possibilities if a deep divide among Republicans continues to grow. A third party candidacy by a well-known establishment figure is one of those possibilities, and the Libertarian Party, which shares some philosophical ground with the GOP, would seem to be a natural fit.

“It’s the one third party in the best position to compete in a general election. It’s currently on the ballot in 32 states and is the only third party that has a chance to be on the ballot in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. in November.”

Click here to read the full article.

Workers World Party presidential campaign: Smash anti-LBGTQ, anti-worker attacks!

From the Worker’s World party website, March 25th, 2016:

moorehead_lilly_16_200pxThe following is a March 25 solidarity statement from the 2016 presidential campaign of Workers World Party to the people fighting House Bill 2 in North Carolina.

Power to the five queer and trans* youth arrested on March 24 amidst a powerful demonstration of many hundreds — largely Black and Brown, LGBTQ youth — outside the North Carolina governor’s mansion after the Legislature there rushed through House Bill 2, one of the most severe anti-LGBTQ, anti-worker laws in the country.

The Moorehead-Lilly presidential/vice presidential campaign condemns in the strongest terms this heinous attack on LGBTQ people and stands in full solidarity with the powerful resistance led by Black and Brown, queer and trans* young people, many from the Black Lives Matter movement.

Right-wing bigots who control the North Carolina Legislature introduced the bill, using the pretext of overturning a local ordinance. The city council in Charlotte had passed a measure that would have allowed trans* people to access the bathroom that best matches with their gender identity. But the statewide bill was a much broader assault on the LGBTQ community and workers.

The new law criminalizes trans* and gender nonconforming people, and puts the safety and the lives of LGBTQ people in danger. It rolls back anti-discrimination policies on the books. It gives bosses much greater power to discriminate against or fire workers based on their race, gender, gender identity and expression, religion, or sexual orientation by depriving workers of the ability to bring suit on these grounds in state courts.

The Legislature convened a special session of the General Assembly on March 23 and rammed the bill through both houses. The governor then signed this atrocious bill into law within 24 hours.

In 2015, at least 20 transgender people in the U.S. were recorded as murdered, the vast majority being transwomen of color. The real number is likely much higher. LGBTQ people — particularly people of color and women — experience higher rates of poverty, homelessness, and lack of access to quality and sensitive health care, and face the risk of violence and incarceration.

Workers World Party stands unequivocally on the side of LGBTQ people in the fight for self-determination, trans* and gender liberation!

HB2 comes just months after the North Carolina Legislature passed HB318, an anti-immigrant bill that was a full-scale attack on immigrant workers. HB318 gave more power to cops and Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, and prohibited municipalities from adopting “sanctuary” policies protecting immigrants, among other things.

HB2 also comes during the rise of the presidential campaign of ultraright, racist billionaire Donald Trump. Trump’s campaign is using a vicious platform of racism and bigotry to mobilize and embolden the most reactionary forces in society, forces who would like nothing more than to turn the clock back on the advances made by the civil rights, Black liberation, working class, union, women’s and LGBTQ movements.

The ruling class relies on sowing divisions to keep workers and the oppressed divided — HB2 is an attempt to scapegoat transgender people to do just that. The rulers tremble at the thought of the multinational, multigendered working class uniting — especially in this period of a deep, irresolvable crisis of the capitalist system because they know what will happen to them and the tools they use to divide us: They will be smashed into the ground and swept into the dustbin of history.

We stand on the side of workers and the oppressed, and fight for a revolutionary socialist future that can abolish once and for all the rule of the capitalist class and that rids society of all forms of oppression.

LGBTQ liberation now!

Smash racism, sexism, LGBTQ bigotry and all forms of oppression!

Fight for a revolutionary socialist future!

*(Trans* is currently used with an asterisk to indicate the spectrum of all the different sexes and genders of people who do not conform to the either/or of male/female or masculine/feminine.)

Peace and Freedom Party: “We want to know”

Peace and Freedom Party Logo

From the Peace and Freedom Party’s website:


March 24, 2016

CA Sec of State Targeted by Peace & Freedom Party Thursday After He Refuses to Put Presidential Candidate on Ballot; Party Officials Say ‘We Want to Know’

SACRAMENTO – Members of the Peace and Freedom Party of California, along with others concerned about ballot access and democracy, are gathering in front of the Ca. Secretary of State’s office in Sacramento (11th & O) on Thursday, March 24 at 11 a.m.

The Secretary of State is not listing Jill Stein, one of four names submitted by the party for the June 7, 2016 Presidential primary ballot. We want to know why, and Padilla’s office has failed to tell us.

Background: On Jan. 18, 2016, Debra Reiger, the State Chairperson of the Peace and Freedom Party of California, submitted the names of four women who have declared that they are seeking the party’s nomination for President: Lynn Kahn, Gloria LaRiva, Monica Moorehead, and Jill Stein. Padilla’s office has accepted the first three, but has so far left Stein off the list.

Debra Reiger, the party chairperson, has repeatedly asked election officials to explain the omission, but has not received an answer. “They will talk to me about anything else, but they are silent when asked about this,” Reiger said.

Jill Stein, the 2012 Green Party candidate for President, has asked to be on the Presidential primary ballot of both the Peace and Freedom Party and the Green Party in California. She states, “I want to help foster solidarity and build a unified movement to oppose the two parties of the wealthy and their corporations.”

This would not be the first time a candidate has appeared on both the Peace and Freedom Party and Green Party primary ballots. In 2008, both Ralph Nader and Cynthia McKinney were on the Presidential primary ballots of both parties in California.

Press Release (IPR Exclusive): Jake Leonard Announces Candidacy For 95th Legislative District Seat In Illinois


Jake Leonard

The following press release was emailed to the IPR Google group email list:

March 25, 2016

CONTACT: John Broux, Public Relations


SPRINGFIELD, IL, March 25, 2016 – During a radio appearance earlier today on News/Talk 970 WMAY in Springfield, Jake Leonard, 29, officially declared his candidacy for state representative in Illinois’ 95th Representative District, which covers all of Montgomery County and portions of Christian, Macoupin and Madison counties. Continue reading