Throwback Sunday: Randy Moll: It most certainly is time for meaningful action

Yesterday, ATPR published a special “Throwback Saturday” article and today we’re publishing a “Throwback Sunday” one. The following article was written by Randy  Moll after the Newton massacre in Connecticut in December 2012 and was republished by the Constitution Party of Arkansas on March 6th, 2016:

The editorial below by Randy Moll is reprinted from the Dec. 19, 2012, issue of the Westside Eagle Observer, published in Gravette, Ark. Though it is older and connected to the Newtown, Conn., shooting, the point remains the same as more shootings continue to plague our nation.

Nothing I am about to say should be understood to diminish from the heinous crime which took place in Newtown, Conn., last week. For a young man to take the lives of his mother, six teachers and 20 young children is an evil of immeasurable dimensions, and my sympathy and prayers go out for the families and friends of the victims of this senseless shooting.

Our president wiped tears from his eyes and promised meaningful action to prevent a re-occurrence of such acts of violence. Others are using the occasion to call for more gun control. They, however, don’t understand the cause of such tragedies and miss the inconsistencies of their own actions. Gun restrictions won’t stop the violence, and our people and government have more blood on their hands than this school shooter.

Obviously, the shooter in this incident did not regard the life of his mother, the life of educators, the life of little children or even his own life as a gift and creation of God who holds us accountable to protect human life. He did not hold to the truths taught in Genesis 1-2; Genesis 9:5-6; or Psalm 139:13-16. He had no regard for God’s commandments in Exodus 20 and Deuteronomy 5. Instead of regarding his victims as God’s creation, made in God’s image and for fellowship with the eternal God, the shooter sadly counted life as empty and meaningless, something he could destroy for his own twisted purposes.

All this takes me back to a previous column in which I addressed the question of what if chance existence and evolution were true. If we are here by chance, what real meaning and purpose can there be to life? Indeed, what value has life if we all just live, die and cease to exist? And what reason is there not to kill — even children — if all is meaningless? And who is to say even a murderer’s actions are evil if there is no God and there are no moral absolutes? In many ways, this young man’s actions are but a conclusion to what our children learn at home and in our schools when we teach them chance existence, evolution and survival of the fittest.

I could go on to speak of all the violence we advocate in video games and movies our children play and watch. What dangerous thoughts we put into the minds of both children and adults who see no meaning and purpose to life. But that’s not my central focus in these comments.

What needs to be pointed out as we think about the events of last Friday is our nation’s utter hypocrisy when it comes to our views regarding human life. We agree and shed tears over the heinous slaughter of young children in their grade school. We propose “meaningful actions” to make us feel good but which don’t really address the problems. And, above all, we fail to consider our own culpability.

We teach chance existence, evolution and survival of the fittest and are then shocked at the logical conclusions some make. We say we hold life sacred and promise meaningful action to prevent such tragedies while at the same time taking no action at the senseless slaughter of millions.

Did you know that on the same day we all were shocked and horrified at this heinous murder of 27 in Connecticut, we as a nation condoned the heinous murder of approximately 3,700 unborn children in the United States? Yes, that’s the average number of abortions per day in our country. A mother’s womb in our country is the most dangerous place on earth, with about one in five pregnancies ending in abortion. Good estimates place the number killed in the United States by abortion since the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973 at more than 55 million.

If we believed in the sanctity of human life — the truth taught in the Bible that every life is created by God in the womb (read Psalm 139:13-16) — or even if we recognized what science has clearly shown us about children in the womb being human and with feelings — a heartbeat at 3 weeks; a highly developed brain by 8 weeks; thumb sucking by 9 weeks — we would have to regard it as a most heinous crime to kill 3,700 unborn human children each and every day.

I have to say that our current president’s tears over the loss of life in Connecticut are most hypocritical because he defends the killing and protects the murderers of 3,700 children a day. He sheds no tears for these lives — created by God and most certainly human — which are slaughtered under his watch and rule. Indeed, I would not wish to be in his place or the place of so many of our nation’s rulers come God’s judgment!

But I cannot only fault the president and other American lawmakers and judges. Each and every one of us should decry this heinous crime supported and protected by a nation which has turned from the truth evident by science and taught in the Scriptures to the worst kind of evil and wickedness. Each and every day, we ought be crying genuine tears over the senseless killing of our own children by mothers, doctors and medical personnel with the blessing and support of our own government and people.

It’s sad to say, but come the day of reckoning, a good many Nazi war criminals could justly testify against the utter wickedness of our nation for killing 55 million of our own children. We would like to think ourselves better than the Nazi regime in Germany, the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia, or the shooters who killed innocent people and children in schools, movie theaters and shopping malls, but we have murdered a far greater number — and we killed our own children!

Yes, it is time for meaningful action to stop the senseless killing, but that meaningful action cannot just be “feel good” solutions that make us think we’ve addressed the problem when we haven’t. Meaningful action means we as a people need to return to Biblical values and to a view which regards human life as God’s creation and sacred. Children need to learn both at home and in their schools that they are created in the image of God and have value and purpose. Indeed, they are so precious to God that He not only created them and gave them life in the wombs of their mothers, He sent His own Son to redeem them from sin and the evil sin brought upon us in this world that they might dwell with Him forever!

Yes, it’s time for meaningful action to stop the senseless killing of our children across this land. Instead of a mother’s womb being the most dangerous place in this world, it should be the safest. If our government leaders won’t protect our children from such slaughter, it’s time to replace our leaders with those who will.

We cannot ignore what’s happening and go about our lives, thinking we are innocent. The time for meaningful action demands we stand up against government tyranny which compels us to tolerate, and even participate in, such a heinous crime as murdering our own children! It’s time to call abortion what it is, a slaughter of the innocents, America’s great holocaust, and to say, “No, we won’t tolerate it here in our community, our state or our nation!”

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