Press release: Independent congressional candidate Bill Fraser kicks off petition period

Brochure for Bill Fraser’s campaign (from Facebook)

The following was posted on Bill Fraser’s Facebook page on March 29th, 2016:

March 29, 2016
For more information, contact:
Jay Flynn, Campaign Manager

SCHAUMBURG, IL – Bill Fraser, independent candidate for Illinois’ 8th Congressional District, today started his petition period to collect signatures to appear on the General Election ballot. Fraser, joined by campaign staff and volunteers, began his petition period at 4:45am at the Schaumburg Metra Station to begin meeting commuters from the district, just hours after the official start time.

“We wanted to get a head start on the petitions,” said Fraser. “It was somewhat chilly this morning, but meeting constituents before they headed to Chicago was most definitely worth it.”

Fraser will need a minimum of 7,705 signatures from registered voters in the 8th District. In comparison, Democrats needed to submit just 667 signatures and Republicans 475 last November to appear in this month’s primary election. Independents have the same amount of time as other candidates – 90 days – to collect several thousand more signatures. Fraser’s campaign has until June 27, the final day to file his nominating papers.

Fraser and his team of dedicated staff and volunteers plan to do whatever it takes to acquire the required number of signatures before the filing period. Between visiting train stations, public events, and knocking on doors, Fraser has no doubts in his ability to acquire the required signatures.

“I am not concerned,” said Fraser when asked about the number of signatures required. “I have more work to do than the other candidates did, but it is a great opportunity to show the voters that I am serious when I say I want to provide true representation for the constituency of this district. While it is a large number, is absolutely obtainable. This is just one opportunity to show the district that I am dedicated and the best choice as representative.”

Fraser, 36, is no stranger to hard work and dedication. He owns a light construction company which operates in the Schaumburg-Palatine area and has been a teacher at Schaumburg High School for the past ten years where he instructs building construction and engineering students. Fraser will take a break from instructing the next generation’s engineers and tradesmen at the end of the school year to dedicate his time to running to represent the 8th District.

“Teaching has been a large part of my life and while it is hard to break away from that, it would not be fair to either the students or my supporters if I were to continue teaching in addition to running my business and campaigning,” explains Fraser. “If elected, I would need to resign in the middle of a school year which would be irresponsible and unfair to my students and school.”

Since announcing his candidacy in October, a few changes have been made to the referenda aspect of Fraser’s platform. The original concept required constituents to vote at polling places throughout the district when Fraser is asked to vote in Congress.

“We listened to the constituency and the only concern raised was the referenda process,” said Fraser. “Their concern was it needed to be more accessible and simplified as the people I look forward to representing live busy lives and I wanted to ensure there were multiple options.”

The change in the platform will allow for constituents to vote on legislation using mobile applications and a specially designed website. Physical polling places will still be made available at various locations around the district for constituents who are unable or do not wish to utilize the digital options.

If elected as the independent representative for the 8th District, Bill Fraser will call for voter referenda on all major legislation and vote the way the majority of the constituency wants him to – every time – regardless of his own personal views or opinions. In addition, Bill will not accept the $174,000 annual salary earned by Members of Congress and will instead use those funds to pay for official travel. At the end of his term, the remainder of the funds will be donated to a charity chosen by the constituents. When he is not teaching the next generation of engineers, working at a jobsite, or campaigning, Bill is working at his most important jobs of all: a husband to his wife Christina and father to their two children, Joslyn and Joey.
Paid for by Founding Fathers for Fraser, Inc.

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