Wisconsin columnist: Voting third party this year “might feel downright refreshing”

Green Party Watch, April 3rd, 2016:

votegreenIn his Wisconsin State Journal column, Chris Rickert looks at the 2016 presidential campaign from the perspective of “long-ignored third parties.”

Rickert spoke with Dave Schwab, “a member of the state Green Party coordinating council who works for Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein,” who “reports ‘already seeing surging interest in the Green Party this year,’ as evidenced by the speed with which Stein reached the threshold for applying for federal campaign matching funds and the interest mainstream media outlets such as NBC and public broadcasting have shown in her campaign.”

Rickert, who also spoke to a representative of the Wisconsin Libertarian Party, concludes by writing, “If the major-party candidates on Election Day are today’s front-runners — i.e., a crude-talking, policy-free demagogue and an honesty-challenged member of a family that’s already had eight years in the White House — ‘wasting’ your vote on a third-party candidate might feel downright refreshing.”

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