Colorado Greens nominate Menconi for Senate, Willmeng and Worthey for Congress

Green Party Watch, April 4th, 2016:

coloradoThe Green Party of Colorado nominated former Eagle County Commissioner Arn Menconi for U.S. Senate, and Colorado Community Rights Network board member Cliff Willmeng and Robert Lee Worthey for U.S. House, at its state nominating convention on Sunday.

Menconi said that as a senator, “I will fight to end the military industrial dominance of our government with its endless greed and killings, end our dependence on fossil fuels by 2050, fight for single payer healthcare for all as a right not as a privilege, and break up the Big Banks and power of Wall Street that has been stealing resources from our children and grandchildren.”

Willmeng, who is seeking the Second District seat currently held by Democratic Rep. Jared Polis, said, “Colorado’s communities, workers, families, our environment, and our basic human and civil rights can no longer accommodate the answers being handed to us by powerful and disconnected representatives. Too much is at stake, and entire generations depend on a clear alternative to the tragic policies of war, environmental destruction, racism, poverty, and elevating levels of human disenfranchisement.”

Worthey will be seeking the Sixth District U.S. House seat currently held by Rep. Mike Coffman. The Colorado Greens also nominated ex-Thornton councilwoman Jenice “J.J.” Dove for the state legislature in House District 34.

The Colorado Green also pledged all five of their presidential nominating delegates to Jill Stein.

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