A Libertarian Future accuses presidential candidate Darryl W. Perry of “cheating and buying votes for online polls”

From A Libertarian Future, April 11th, 2016:
Darryl Perry Cheated In Our Poll And Bought Fake Votes 3

If you have been following along with our bi-weekly polling you may have noticed that our most recent Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate preference poll was hacked. Thousands of illegitimate votes were cast that completely skewed the results in a way that we have not seen before. Using live Google Analytics we were able to see that the majority of these votes were cast in the middle of the night and thus likely not by humans. We therefore reset the poll and will now require a social login and record IP addresses to prevent future cheating.

The most suspicious thing was that these votes were cast for a candidate who had not previously seen more than a handful of support. Candidate Darryl W. Perry lead that poll ahead of Gary Johnson, Austin Petersen, and John McAfee. It was blatantly obvious what had happened but at first we had no tangible proof that Perry himself had done the cheating.

Now we do thanks to a fan who sent us this link. The embedded screencast video and screenshots from Fiverr.com proves that Darryl W. Perry has been cheating and buying votes for online polls.

Fiverr.com is a gig website where people sell a variety of services for – you guessed it – five dollars. Apparently they even offer fake votes for online polls. According to his Fiverr profile – which has been verified by Facebook and email – Darryl W. Perry has had an account with Fiverr since 2012. This is not some fake account that popped up last week but a legitimately
Darryl Perry Cheated In Our Poll And Bought Fake Votes 4verified and longstanding profile. It even has a short bio!

Check the link and see for yourselves that Darryl W. Perry has bought votes from this service and cheated in online polls. You can see his review and view his profile for yourself. The review was posted was posted twenty one days ago which is shortly after the Libertarian Party’s last poll was made live. That poll saw an unusually high vote total for Perry just as our hacked poll did.

In the first Libertarian Party poll, taken in early March, Perry only got 145 votes. But then, in the last poll, Perry managed an astounding 469 votes. That’s an increase of 324 votes – quite a suspicious jump when you recall that the Fiverr gig is for 300 votes. It’s clear that Darryl W. Perry cheated in the Libertarian Party’s poll as well.

What’s most astonishing is that after Perry cheated he had the audacity to leave a review of the vote buying service! Without that review we may have never known that Perry had been cheating. Thank goodness for stupid criminals. Perry has been caught red-handed.

We will of course be excluding Darryl W. Perry from all of our future polls. We encourage the Libertarian Party to do the same as it is clear that he has cheated in their polls as well. This is shameful behavior for a Presidential candidate. It’s outright disqualifying and Darryl W. Perry should be ashamed of himself. He does not deserve to call himself a Libertarian Party Presidential candidate nor be a member of the Party of Principle.

– See more at: http://alibertarianfuture.com/2016-libertarian-party-nomination/darryl-w-perry-cheating-buying-votes-online-polls/#sthash.1A0jpt0E.0j5ZOL5I.dpuf

Darryl W. Perry responded:

I can assure you that I did not buy votes for any poll on A Libertarian Future. The votes I did buy using Fiverr were for something completely unrelated, and I did it just to see if the poll I suspected of being hacked was hackable

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