Idaho Constitution Party: The trudge to Salt Lake

The trudge to Salt LakePosted on April 16th on the Idaho CP’s website


We’re certain that some sort of pithy commentary could be done, practically on the eve of the National Convention of the Constitution Party in Salt Lake (April 13-16).  But nothing comes to mind.

The effort before us will be one of duty, of trudging through the muds of politics.  Even the heavens suggest complicity–since thunderstorms are forecast to begin Wednesday concurrent with the opening meetings of the National Convention, and continue as a cold rain through Thursday and Friday.  With any mercy at all, perhaps the weather will begin to clear Saturday, when we are released to return home.

It will be muddy–in more ways than one.

A belated pack of entrants each and all with great expectations (yet without any visible investment of time or effort thus far in the Constitution Party’s nomination until now), have pushed themselves to the front, the chief seat seekers.

Without proper declarations of candidacy, without verifiable and reportable campaign committees, some even without  being members of the Constitution Party, and in one instance being sworn to some highly irregular financials on file with the FEC…these Johnny Come Lately opportunists seek to harvest what they have not in fact sown.  We will be polite and call them interlopers, coveting the prize of the Constitution Party’s presidential nomination.

For our part, CP-Idaho has maintained throughout this ordeal a stainless procedural process.  We can demonstrate a quorum–485 voters across 39 of Idaho’s 44 counties cast ballots in the March Primary.  To our knowledge many state affiliates are utterly incapable of demonstrating a quorum, much less an actual organization.  CP-Idaho can.  Ours has actual real flesh and blood citizens within it…not the fabrications of boastful braggarts who swell up in an effort to make themselves seem bigger or more important than they really are.

In contrast, our citizen voters are real.  CP-Idaho had 485 authentic fellow Idaho citizens cast their voice in an official state sanctioned primary.  We dare to submit that Idaho, and Idaho alone, has a genuine preference ballot for the pending National Convention.  As for the rest?  We also dare to suggest that they protest far too much…to the point of strained credibility.

The 2016 Idaho Primary gave to Mr. Scott Copeland a plurality of 111 votes.  It gave to him the majority of the ballots cast (51.5%).  Therefore, Mr. Copeland will receive the entire slate of Idaho’s delegates.  Others can wink and nod all they will.  But CP-Idaho shall stand firm with our voters.  It is a matter of honor; it is a matter of principle.  It is a matter of doing the right thing.

We are reminded, in this muddy affair, of an ancient story.  A murderous zealot named Barabbas was chosen instead of Christ, a healer.  Jesus just “wasn’t good enough”.  He didn’t ride in on a white horse.  He didn’t have shining armor.  He didn’t “fit” the fictional model of a warrior king…and more than anything else in this world that mob sought retribution.  They wanted to see some blood, some mud.

That mob had a different view of what a Messiah was “supposed” to look like.   He certainly wouldn’t be of lowly birth, or humble compassion.  That’s just not good enough.  So they dispatched Jesus.  They got their reward, to be sure.

For CP-Idaho’s part, we say the voice of our 2016 Primary voters–our real and verifiable voters–is good enough.  Those who suggest some other process, something other than an honest ballot, those who believe that some other route exists to national leadership, are just as mistaken as the mob in Jerusalem two millennia past.

These things–integrity, honesty, principles, even handedness, loyalty–are “good enough” for me.  We call that “old time religion”.  The mob may disagree, but we do not care.  Mr. Copeland was the choice of our voters at the polls.  And we will defend that choice come what may, mud or no, in Salt Lake.

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