Avens O’ Brien: The Libertarian Party: The Good, Bad, Ugly, and Optimistic


The following was published by Avens O’ Brien on April 19th, 2016 on the Libertarian Republic:

I had the distinct pleasure of speaking to the Libertarian Party of Minnesota‘s state convention this past weekend. They invited me as a keynote, interested in my perspective on Libertarian Party activism, as I’ve done a lot of it and have what they described as a “unique” perspective on the matter.

Video has not yet been released of my speech — which is fine with me, as I’m not known for great public speaking skills — but I did write the speech, so for those who wish to know what insights I was able to present, the transcript is below, altered slightly for a reading audience.

To start, some context…

I want to give a bit of context to my billing as a “second generation libertarian”, as that could mean a lot of things. “Libertarian” doesn’t tell you much about who my parents are, what they did, or how I really experienced the Party itself in my youth.

So, let’s be clear: my parents were activists. They were interested in Objectivism, and became Libertarians during the LP’s founding. They went to see Ayn Rand and Nathaniel Branden speak at universities in New England. My father drove LP Vice Presidential nominee Tonie Nathan around to speeches in New England during the 1972 Hospers campaign. My mother made dinner for Murray Rothbard when he’d come to our house because Dad had booked him to speak at local venues in New Hampshire. They knew Roger Lea McBride in the same context as well.

Read the rest of the article here.

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