Constitution Party of Idaho: ‘What they fail to get…’

Posted on the Constitution Party of Idaho’s website on April 22nd, 2016

What they fail to get…

The return route from Utah back to Idaho was far more pleasant than the rains (and wet snows) endured driving to the National Convention last Thursday.  But those cold rains and downpours of Salt Lake City are behind us now.  Literally and figuratively.

The Idaho delegation left the National Convention Saturday morning.  There was very little else that could be done by the Idaho affiliate at Salt Lake.  It seems the fix–the nomination brokering by party apparatchiks–was in.  So be it.  One lives with one’s choices in this life.  There are consequences, in other words.

What they–the inside clique–fail to get is that dishonest gains are not exactly favored in God’s eye.

Ezekiel 22:12-13 mentions that.  So does Proverbs 10:9.  “Whoever walks in integrity walks securely, but whoever takes crooked paths will be found out.”

The Idaho delegation did walk in integrity.  We stood up for the registered CP-Idaho voter to the end, arguing that fair process, verifiable ballots of the registered voters who make up this party, must be considered paramount.  We are not a party of personalities.  Rather, or so we are told, we are a party of principles.

Unfortunately, those boundary stone principles seem to be somewhat less than stationary.  It was quite plain that the road being taken at the National Convention was crooked.  Idaho declined to walk upon it.

Even if Scriptures cannot turn the self-willed and privileged self-righteous, CP-Idaho would submit that at least some inkling of an idea about what the general electorate thinks ought to be known…before assuming an entitlement of nomination.

Plainly said, the people in America do NOT want what was demonstrated in Salt Lake–a thumb upon the scale to get a predetermined result.  As a matter of fact, the public is fed up with such crooked measures.  According to Gallup, just published, the overwhelming majority of Americans do NOT believe the presidential campaign is being conducted as it should.  It is not even close…73% do not believe so:

Gallup process working

Forget Scriptures for the moment.  These polling numbers by Gallup are dumbfounding.  The nomination process is widely viewed as corrupted.

So, why would the Constitution Party ignore this growing opinion by Americans of every persuasion?  The People have lost confidence.  And that lack of confidence is also evident within the Constitution Party itself.

Yet Salt Lake doubled down; it took a full dive into insider brokering.

No alternative political party–if it were smart–would ignore these kinds of metrics put up by Gallup.  Americans clearly lack confidence in the political candidate nomination process.  But that is indeed what happened in Salt Lake.   The Constitution Party chose to ignore; it cared the less.  Talk about a tin ear.

But, this assumes the Constitution Party is in fact a political party of national scale having a purpose, rather than a social club lacking one.  We’re not so certain as to exactly how the national Constitution Party sees itself.  But to our view, the later is far more prevalent.

Regardless, we still have pending political business to take care of.  CP-Idaho’s focus will shift to the Lewiston Debate (Saturday, May 7th at LCSC) between candidates for Idaho U.S. Senator.  We will then move toward getting out the vote in the pending May 17th State Primary.

And we shall continue to keep judgment and do justice (as Isaiah 56:1 instructs).  Regrettably, we did not detect much judgment, and saw too little justice, in Salt Lake.

PS.  If we were pagan Roman haruspices, it might be appropriate to note a road-kill sheep on the rain-soaked Interstate 84 near Gooding in our travel to Salt Lake last Thursday.  But we won’t.  And for the record, we did not see any road killed sheep on the way back to Idaho.  Just saying.

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