Eagle Rising interviews Constitution Party presidential nominee Darrell Castle

Darrell Castle 2016 banner

Published on EagleRising.com by Ken Lambert:

We will all love our slavery as today’s freedom lovers die off.”  — 2016 Presidential Candidate Darrell Castle to Eagle Rising.

Third parties in the American political scene have had little impact in national elections during the past 100 years. Ross Perot in 1992 had a minor run, and prior to that Teddy Roosevelt ran an unsuccessful Presidential campaign as a “Bull Moose” candidate back in 1912.

Today there are several third parties, one of which isthe Constitution Party. The CP originated in 1992 as the US Taxpayers Party and changed to its current name in 1999. They have less than 80,000 official members and are currently only on 19 state ballots. The party is considered by many, including most within the party, as a “far-right,” traditional political party. It is strongly Judeo-Christian based, and some of its platform causes ripples with many in the Democrat AND Republican parties. One example is the CP stance on abortion. It is staunchly pro-life,even in cases of rape or incest. (Writer’s note- while that may seem extreme to some, it is relevant to add that the Roman Catholic Church has the same exact opinion on the matter. The RCC is the largest denomination in the United States.)

Recently the Constitution Party nominated long-time party favorite Darrell Castle, Esq. as their Presidential candidate for 2016. Mr. Castle has run his own law practice for decades in Tennessee, and is a Vietnam War veteran, serving with the U.S. Marines.

Read the rest of the article here.

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