Remso W. Martinez interviews Constitution Party presidential nominee Darrell Castle

Darrell Castle

From Remso W. Martinez at, April 25th, 2016:

“It is the nature of the State to seek dominance over the population.   Freedom will not ultimately remain intact if we leave it unattended.  America needs forward thinking leaders — leaders who do not apologize to the politically-correct demands of the thought police.   Self-hatred and appeasement only foster more disrespect.  We must find a way to chart our own course in the world as free and independent people.” ~Darrell Castle

I’m not feeling very optimistic about my pick Ted Cruz gaining the GOP nomination, nor do any of the Libertarian Party candidates give me good vibes. There is however an alternative to the possible Trump vs. Democrat dumpster fire we will have to encounter. Meet Darrell Castle, the Constitution Party nominee who will be on the ballot in most states this November.

At a Glance

While Cruz is the strongest constitutionalist in the GOP race, he is flanked by the Libertarian Party who advocates for as much individual freedom as possible. While the GOP however leaves it’s conservative-constitutionalist roots for populist progressive Donald Trump, we see the Libertarian Party as the next viable option for freedom since they will have their presidential candidate appear on all 50 states’ ballots come November. There is an issue however with the Libertarian Party; Gary Johnson wants to force Jewish bakers to make Nazi cakes, John McAfee is a killer and wanted fugitive, Austin Petersen (need I say more), and Darryl Perry wants to dissolve the union. Where does this leave those that want to stand for the whole Constitution and our republic’s ordered liberty itself?

Castle states on his website:

Read the rest of the article here.

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