A.G. Gancarski: The tedium of Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate Augustus Invictus

From A.G. Gancarski at FloridaPolitics.com, May 4th, 2016:

I’d never met Augustus Invictus, the Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate, before a conversation at Mr. Chubby’s Wings deep on the Westside of Jacksonville.

But I’d heard the stories. Narratives about goat sacrifice … about willingness to serve as legal counsel for neo-Nazis … about being banned from Canada … and most recently, about having to schedule speeches, like Tuesday night’s in Jacksonville, at “undisclosed locations” because of the “Antifa” movement.

When asked about the anomaly of wearing a funeral director-style black suit to a wing joint, Invictus quipped that he even wears a suit in the shower.

Then the conversation turned, briefly, to the well-trod path of scandal.

“The former [state Libertarian Party] chair thought he’d bury me” with “blackmail,” Invictus recounted. “He thought it would end me. Instead, it gave me a lot of momentum.”

When asked if a crowd of 15 people, many of them from outlying counties, at a wing place could be construed as “momentum,” Invictus seemed to discount the personal responsibility at the heart of the libertarian creed, saying his crowds were “always late — I never expect people to show up on time.”

Read the rest of the article here.

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